What You Need to Know About Renewable Energy in France

One of the biggest discussions of our era is using renewable energy for the future.

This is one method to offer energy to large communities without putting a drain on electrical sources.

One country that’s leading the way in renewable energy is France. France is a country focused on building a sustainable future, and renewable energy is part of its journey.

So what should you know about renewable energy in France? What can other countries learn from France?

Here’s what you need to know:


France’s objective for renewable energy is to use solar power as much as possible. There are many pros for solar as an alternative to using electricity or nuclear power.

France has focused on self-reliance to meet its energy needs. The country wishes to reduce the use of fossil fuels. They also wish to close coal-based plants for creating energy.

Energy Transition Law

The Energy Transition Law (ETL) is a policy that outlines the guidelines for renewable energy in France. It shows just how popular is renewable energy in France is.

One of the benefits of the ETL is that French nationals might get subsidies for renewable energy projects. It also offers financing options for companies that wish to use renewable energy.

The law also wishes to introduce 35 million smart grids across France. This is a herculean task but France wishes to start now to prepare for a renewable future.

What to Do

So should your country or community follow France’s example?

You want to consider the situation of your locale before immediately opting for France’s path. For example, a poor country won’t be able to develop its economy rapidly with renewable energy.

You also want to consider the effect on employment. As stated previously, coal-based plants have been closed down in France. There are, of course, plans to close as many as possible.

But in your locale, there might be many workers who depend on their livelihood from these plants. It can decrease morale and cause serious social issues if they lost their jobs.

You also have to consider if solar energy works for your locale. Does your locale have abundant access to solar power?

If you live in the Arctic Circle, you can’t depend on solar energy. But if you live in South Florida, there’s perhaps a greater case for solar energy.

The next step is to research renewable energy even further. We should all watch France’s journey and how it works for them.

That’s What to Know About Renewable Energy in France

Now that you know about renewable energy in France, you can decide whether this is a great solution for your country.

It always starts on a smaller scale. You might want to discuss if France’s solutions would work for your neighborhood. Then you can see if it works on a larger scale.

You want to look more into using solar energy for your home. This is a great alternative to having to consume electricity.

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