Tips for decorating the perfect nursery


A nursery symbolizes a fresh start but it is also about continuity. Decorating a nursery is a big project which may leave somehow feeling overwhelmed. Pulling the perfect necessary is stressful especially if you do not have any experience in design. Decorating a baby’s nursery is not only fun but also important for the baby’s development. According to t o baby vision researchers, you can enhance your child’s vision development by giving him or her a rich interesting environment. This is by for example decorating the walls of the nursery using nursery wallpapers especially stripped ones. Most of these wallpapers are self-sticking wallpapers therefore they are easy to install and remove.

Get inspired.

If you want to get inspired, then Pinterest is the best place to visit. Focus on broad concepts like color style, theme, and designs. Do not forget to pin those cute details. Instagram too can offer inspiration. Generally, if you spend many hours surfing the net, tagging, screen shooting, pinning, and saving things that make you excited you will finally decorate your nursery in an ideal way.

Narrow your options.

Easier said than done but do not panic. Settling on a specific theme or style may confusing since there are many styles available but this is the easiest way to save tour time. Furthermore, it helps one to shave down some design choices. You may ask for other people’s options when narrowing down your options.

Decide on a basic color.

Settling on a color palette for the nursery can be daunting due to the presence of so m, many colors. It is therefore advisable to go back to the style references you have defined earlier and imagine what you want your nursery to look like. Furthermore, you can look at your inspirational images and study non the latest color trends for choosing a nursery palette. Despite what you choose do not buy paint as you will be committing yourself to one color which is not advisable.

Create a mood board.

Once you have narrowed your ideas use them to create a mood board. This is a visual summary of your nursery concept. You are going to love this part especially if you have chosen the perfect color palette and defined your style. A monopod board is essentially a mock-up of your room envision. To create a mood board, put photos of furniture, rugs, and accessories you have in mind on a board before you buy the actual items for your nursery. Preferably have a white background.

Buy the basics.

Since you already know what you want to decorate your baby’s nursery you must be ready to hit the shops. First of all purchase bulky furniture items like the changing table and the crib. Once you have everything arranged you will know what else you require. Laying the bones will help you make important decisions like where to lay the focal point.

Decide on the focal point.

Just as every painting requires a subject, every good design needs a focal which is the specific area or item of interest. You should consider what is at the center of your composition. Instead of choosing a theme for your nursery, it is recommended you find one thing you like about the wallpaper and use that to inspire your other choices.

Choose textiles and prints.

This is the golden rule of decorating. Always buy soft furnishings before painting. It is much easier to match paint with textiles than with fabulous bedding and curtains.


This is the time to bring your project to life. Cover all your furniture and paint the wall. Do not use paint that contains acetone or turpentine as it is very harmful. While painting ensures that the room is well ventilated and afterward air the room as long as possible. Paper wallpaper can also be used and it is the most preferable since it is non-toxic, durable, and cost-friendly.

Dress your space. 

Decorating a nursery is all about how you use your space not the level of swag you have. instead of trying to cover all the space, concentrate on your décor key areas. Avoid dense grouping of accessories and do not forget to add the rug area.

Invest in your lighting.

Lighting makes all the difference in any room moreso a nursery. Make sure the lighting is flexible since sometimes you may want soft light for example while checking on them and you do not want to wake them or bright light. You can take control of light sources in the nursery by picking a room with good sunlight access.  You can install a dimmer switch so you can have control of how much light you want.

Create storage.

By the time you excitedly confirm you are pregnant your house starts to be instantly filled with items. This is as friends and relatives visit you with a bundle of cute outfits that they could not resist while they were just window shopping. You can never have enough storage when it comes to kids. Baby bibs and blankets usually occupy more space. To make space start with the essentials. Some trendy storage options include floating shelves, wall hooks, rattan baskets, and suitcases which double as a way to store And display toys, trinkets, and clothes.

Get ready for the baby.

Since your room is almost ready you can shift gear and start thinking about the little occupant. Stock your nursery with the necessary necessities like diapers and baby wipes. In addition, ensure that the necessities are reachable. You may also need a little help getting the room organized.

Give it a polish. 

At this stage, your necessary is almost done. You only need to spice it up a little bit. This can be done by adding personal touches to the spaces. You may consider bringing out some family photos or a family heirloom to make the space special and magnificent.


If you follow these tips you will take the stress out and design a nursery exactly the way you want and avoid costly design mistakes. In addition, you will pull out the best nursery for your baby. Again here is the breakdown of the tips you need to follow. Get inspired, decide on the basic color, buy the basics, decide on a focal point, choose textiles and prints, decorate, dress your space, create storage, get ready for the baby, give it a polish, mind your lighting and finally narrow down your options.