TOP 5 popular vacation destinations for students

As a student, you should be a natural bargain hunter when traveling. Chase free sites, reasonable hotel prices, and engaging encounters while traveling. Such trips are a relief to the mind, especially helping you to focus on your studies upon return. Some will also take you to places you learn about in class.

While traveling helps you to study better, you should not neglect your academic work. Get professional psychology assignment help online to enable you to travel without thinking about looming deadlines. Here are the top 5 vacation destinations for students.

1. Athens, Greece

Athens is popular as the genesis of the marathon races. It is also one of the most rewarding tourist destinations in the world, from beaches to Mediterranean forests and warm people, among other attractions. You can connect directly to Athens from any major city around the world, making your travel even more rewarding.

Athens has some of the best-kept historical secrets. From the Acropolis to the famous Monastiraki Flea Market, you have a lot to enjoy. The city also offers the best foods for each taste. The country has numerous islands, each having a unique attraction. The beaches are endless. It is cheap to travel and stay in Athens, fitting within the budgetary constraints of a student.

2. Albania

If not for anything else, you should visit Albania for its picturesque beaches. The beaches are hidden away from cities but have all the amenities you would desire. The water is crystal clear, leaving you with the most amazing beach experience.

The coastline is dotted with traditional houses. It also includes budget hotels and dozens of restaurants serving the tastiest local as well as international cuisine. There are fewer restrictions for tourists, enabling you to create personal fun. You might end up spending more days than you expected in Albania because of its beauty and reduced cost. Albania has been ranked among the cheapest places for students and tourists in Europe for years now.

3. Budapest

Is your vacation idea visiting the city? Budapest is the place to be. City breakers enjoy the Hungary capital during the day as well as night. There is plenty to see including historical sites and cultural hotspots.

Budapest is a 24/7/365 days’ vacation city. You pull your chair outside the store and order a cold beer. Flights to Budapest are cheap and will connect you to many other major cities around the world. Budapest has also embraced a lot of modernity without losing its cultural and historical icons. The city is built by a lake, making it scenic for visitors. It is affordable, ensuring that students do not blow their budget while traveling.

4. Madrid, Spain

Everything in Madrid starts late. It is the ideal place for student vacation since no one will rush you into leaving the room or taking breakfast before you are ready for your day. You can expect lunch at 4 pm but there are tasty snacks and bites along the way to keep off hunger pangs. Madrid has frozen centuries of Spanish culture in one space. It has also embraced modernity, making it an interesting blend for travelers. It is cheap and offers variety for day and night lovers.

5. Prague

Nightlife and cultural offerings are the hallmarks of Prague. The capital of the Czech Republic has museums with some of the oldest artifacts in the world. The restaurants serve foods you have never seen anywhere else. It is the most inviting place for nightlife lovers.

Student years offer the best opportunity to tour the world. You enjoy lower student rates and have a lot of time to see the world. Choose rewarding destinations and create the most beautiful album for your life.