5 Easy Ways to Protect Hardwood Floors from Damage

There is so much to like about hardwood floors. Their looks and finishing enhance the beauty of your house. On top of the beauty aspect, they also need some good protection. Ground protection mats are essential components of many different types of job sites.

The protection aspect is commonly overlooked by many homeowners. This could result in a damaged floor. But don’t worry, we will share some easy ways to help you protect the hardwood floor from damage. So, let us get into it.

Hardwood Floor’s Protection – Is It Necessary?

A hardwood floor can get scratched or scuffed if it’s not taken care of. Especially a newly polished hardwood floor is more prone to such damage. However, a little caution and care can double the lifespan of your hardwood floor.

So, protecting any hardwood floor is a good practice for increasing its life span. The protective measures also help you retain the finishing of the hardwood floor.

5 Easy Ways to Protect Hardwood Floor from Damage

Now, let us explore some practical ways to protect the hardwood floor from damage.

1. Use Glass Floor Mats for Optimum Protection

Use Glass Floor Mats for Optimum Protection

Let’s begin with the best protection option. A glass floor mat is what you need to protect your hardwood floor from scuffs and scratches. As the name says, these are glass mats that are designed to protect any type of floor from damage.

These glass mats are usually made from tempered glass for added safety and protection. Tempered glass also has a scratch-resistant coating on top of its surface. Therefore, tempered glass chair mat are easy, practical, and completely safe for protecting hardwood floors.

The real icing on the top is that you can order a custom-made glass floor mat as well. For example, you can order glass floor mats in different sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. Moreover, you also have plenty of room to choose the desired finishing of the glass edges.

So, the customization leverage and enhanced protection make these glass mats ideal for protecting hardwood floors from any damage.

2. Limiting the Traffic Flow 

Limiting the Traffic Flow

Limiting the foot traffic flow is one common way to protect the hardwood floor. You may have to implement the no shoe policy for the best results. When you minimize the number of people walking with their shoes on, your hardwood flow will most likely remain safe from damage.

Also, you should not often drag or move furniture items on a hardwood floor. Further, don’t let your kids play with wheeled toys on the hardwood floor.

These all methods sound simple on paper. However, you may have a hard time enforcing these. So, it’s better to opt for a reliable method.

3. Regular Cleaning May Offer Some Protection

It’s always a good idea to keep your wooden floor nice and clean. Frequent cleaning means no debris or dirt which can otherwise damage the floor. When dirt, debris, and dust particles come under the walking feet, it gets muscled on the floor. So, scratches and scuffs can occur if you don’t clean your wooden floor.

4. Try To Place Furniture with Little Wheels On

Try To Place Furniture with Little Wheels On

As mentioned earlier, relocating or moving around the furniture on wooden flow can harm its finishing. So, it is better to invest in some furniture items with wheels. Try to place furniture items with wheels on them for quicker and easier movement.

Note that the wheels should be clean and free from dirt for the right protection of the wooden floor. Unclean or dirty wheels can also scratch the wooden surface.

5. Place a Rug or Carpet 


Using rugs, carpets, and mats is also a quite common way of protecting wooden floors. The idea here is simple, the rug or carpet acts as a safety layer. Its soft threads don’t scratch the surface of the floor. Further, you can also move around the furniture items with ease.

However, any rug would cover your hardwood floor’s specific portion (According to its dimensions). So, the actual beauty and finishing of your floor remains hidden. That’s a bit of a tough compromise. Anyhow, that all comes down to the personal preferences of the majority.

Final Thoughts!

So, now you know some common and easy ways to protect the hardwood floor from damage. However, some methods like limiting the foot traffic or investing in furniture items with wheels can be tough for some to follow.

Contrary to it, investing in a few glass floor mats seems like an effective and practical method. It not only preserves the looks and finishing of your wooden floor but also keeps it visible. So, you don’t have to compromise the looks of your hardwood floor for the sake of protection.

Further, you can order these mats in any size, shape, or thickness level. Anyhow, always buy glass floor mats from a reputable glass marketplace.