Different Types of Partition Ideas for Your Bathroom Décor

Designing or decorating a bathroom is not difficult because of the vast options you get to try. Everything adds a little bit of its charm and functionality in its unique way. You have to recognize them and leverage their presence to create an impactful impression through them. Sometimes, even the most humble things can do the magic. For example, you hang tiny wall art in one nook, and suddenly it starts drawing everyone’s attention. In that regard, anything can become the highlight depending on how you use their style and vibe. And, of course, knowing the different types of ceiling finishes and textures will help create a stunning bathroom.

From the choice of vanities to cabinets to shower stalls and bathtubs, you can think of every element. Even a new sink for renovated shower room can be one of such features. Still, these are typical features that you cannot do without in the bathroom. If you want to make a statement, you have to look beyond standard highlights. Consider the use of bathroom partitions, for instance. Nowadays, these don’t make frequent appearances as the spaces are getting smaller. So, if you get an opportunity, you can incorporate one to give your private corner a unique feel.

Choosing partition may not be an easy job, though. It takes several considerations, such as installation spot, selection of materials and design, etc. Here are a few insights on this to help you achieve your décor goal. Before getting into details, it would be helpful to know that brick, acrylic, glass blocks, natural stone, wood/ chipboard, and drywall are the popular material choices for building this. With them, you can try various designs or styles.

Various partition ideas for bathroom

Bilateral shelving

The specific design is primarily decorative. Its characteristic visual appeal and functionality are impossible to ignore. You can use the open racks to store many things. Plus, it offers ease of adding decorative items. You can carve this design out of artificial stone or acrylic materials. In larger construction, plasterboard can come in handy.

Side racks

There are many designs in this style. You can use vertical planes of the drywalls for projections and cover them with tiles. On them, you can use wood, glass, MDF, or plastic shelves. Make sure the niches in this type of design are not deeper than 20-25 cm. Then, you would also want to add lights to keep the nooks well-lit. Experts suggest that good planning plays a critical role in this partition type. Since these shelving ideas require adequate lighting, you would want to equip the area with an LED backlight. So your electrician must be aware of this beforehand as they will have to make wire connections.

Glass block partition

Too much sunlight or the need to break space can drive you to this choice. For this, a ceiling length partition close to the window or somewhere else, depending on the requirement, can make a perfect choice. Don’t worry about the installation work, though. It is pretty simple. The light coming through the white transparent glass can refract sunlight beautifully to provide just the right kind of impact you desired. Alternately, you can build a waist-high monolithic wall below the glass block. It looks fantastic.

Retractable storage cabinet style partition

When you discuss wall storage, you think of using the upper part for shelves. But you can add a twist by incorporating sliding cabinets with shelves. If there is a waist-high wall near the bathtub, you can use that space to build a retractable storage feature. Slide it out when you have to pick something and slide in when not required.

Things to consider

Bathrooms need proper air ventilation, light, and openness. But it doesn’t imply you cannot divide this space for some intimacy. If the above ideas appear expensive or out of reach, you can pick the option of a portable divider. It will also help create a room within a room. In large bathrooms, screens can be the best companions. These can separate the bath area from the toilet without affecting ventilation. Does it make you worry because your bathroom is smaller? Again, you don’t have to feel disappointed yet. Waterproof screens or shower curtains can achieve the same purpose for you while ensuring privacy and desirable ambiance.

Also if you are working in a commercial space then the right paint and other materials becomes important as well.  You have to consider long term regular usage and wear and tear.  It also needs to match the overall esthetic of the larger commercial space.

Portable dividers can be available in many styles, shapes, and materials. You can browse through all the options and study their efficacy to decide what suits you better. Generally, people ditch window curtains for opaque glass dividers. Or, some use full-length mirrors on wheels to create a divide. Adding a large-size mirror can be interesting. While it gives a brilliant aesthetic touch to your décor, the mirror can also help you finish your grooming job comfortably. You can check yourself from every angle to make sure you look the best.

However, with dividers, you would want to pay attention to plain walls also. Open spaces like walls offer massive creative possibilities to explore and apply. For example, you can hang a large painting on it and make it the focal point. It will spread its charm on other things too. You can choose your bathtub area for this. If you have designed it after a theme, you must leverage it. For antique feel, you can select nautical motifs, which can be a maritime wheel also. Or, if you love beaches, you can use a driftwood wreath to get the vibe. To be precise, your imagination and wall-size can be critical to this endeavor.

When it comes to bathrooms, most people feel compelled to give priority to safety. As a result, they miss out on other equally crucial features. But there is no need to ignore one for the other. While you cannot underestimate its value, you can make your bathroom both safe and heavenly by using the correct designs and decorations. You can talk to an interior designer also if you find it challenging to balance between these.

A bathroom renovation or decoration efforts deserve time and focus. No matter what you select for it, you must know why you want it and how it can add value to your experience being there.