{Dude Food} FIVE at Table 6 – Dinner #3 Review


  Our third dinner from the Denver FIVE™ team focused on pleasing a man’s appetite, with an appropriate “dude food” theme for Father’s day. The ladies in the Table 6 kitchen pulled out all the stops, giving dad everything he wanted from bacon-flavored donuts to steak topped with crab. But even my … Read more

Is There a Way to Food Truck Like the French?


  So maybe food trucks aren’t exactly French. Most people will tell you that Parisians rarely eat “on the go,” which is in many ways true, in many ways outdated, and in many ways a flat out lie. The Art of the Sit Down The French love their 2 hour lunches: multiple … Read more

The Foie Gras Controversy Is Not So Controversial


  At least, it’s not as controversial as any other meat production. Foie gras is one of my favorite foods to put on a holiday plate. It’s a traditional French New Years treat; it has a fascinating culinary history, a special place in my heart, and brings back fond memories from my … Read more