Closet Transitions: Winter to Spring


  This is one of my favorite times of the year. We still have the coziness of Winter and a fresh, bright Spring is on the horizon. Days are getting longer and after cleaning out last year’s closet, my wardrobe is in a lovely transition. My big, burly coats are going back … Read more

French Men Fashion: how to Dress Like a Parisian Man


  Whether you’re going abroad for a while or just looking to bring a bit of French style into your own wardrobe, everyone wants to know how to dress like a Parisian. But men have it particularly hard. While there’s an entire library of advice for women, the few male fashion guides … Read more

THIS JUST IN: Comida Does Sunday Brunch Now


So I don’t speak Spanish (there’s only 1 romance language for me), but I’m pretty sure that “Comida” means “community” after my recent preview of their Sunday brunch program, opening to the public this weekend. Comida may be a Mexican restaurant, but they’re doing something very European with their menu planning. Comida’s … Read more

French Wine 101


  “Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.” ― Andre Simon Some 7–8 billion bottles of wine are produced in France each year. Yes, that’s right, billion. So what makes French wine so lovable (and so sellable)? Well the French handle wines a bit differently. … Read more