Reasons To Choose A Villa Immersed In The Countryside

Country villas are the best solution when searching for accommodation for a relaxing holiday, and one of the best places to choose them in the countryside is Sicily. When you visit the countryside, you want to stay in a villa because they are outstanding and chic, and you will enjoy your stay a lot when you choose it. There are so many options for you to choose from, but all the properties are fantastic no matter which you select. If you are looking for a used private holiday rentals merrijig is a great option.

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In this article, we will give you an overview of why you should choose villas in the countryside and most definitely, Sicily.

1. They are far away from the city

Far from the city’s chaos, directly on the sea, or immersed in the peace of Sicily’s countryside, where time stands still, and your surroundings restore the serenity that daily life often denies.

2. They have amazing scents

The scents and sounds of the countryside are always fascinating during the summer months; they become even more intense: country villas are ideal for a relaxing holiday immersed in nature. The most genuine way to recharge your batteries.

3. They are luxurious

Modern-designed hilltop villas, luxury abodes near sandy beaches, traditional old Sicilian houses surrounded by lush greenery: stay in one of the country’s properties, and everyday life will be a distant memory.

4. They have all the amenities needed

When you choose to stay in one of the Sicily villas in the countryside, you won’t regret your choice because they have all the amenities you would think of, and all of them are in excellent condition.

5. You have all the comfort of a home

The good thing about Sicilian villas is that they have a living room, lounge space, separate bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, an equipped kitchen and a dining space. All this gives you the home vibe, and you can sit and relax and live like you are living at home.

6. They are the best suited for family holidays

When you have a big family travelling together, you need to have a villa so that everyone can have their separate rooms; every room has its washing machine, and anyone can access the kitchen. When you have small kids, you should not worry because the villa offers you friendly facilities. Moreover, you and your family will be safe in the countryside because there is no movement of strangers in and out of the property.


As you travel with your family or friends, always opt for a villa because it has more advantages than staying in a hotel. Even if it might seem pricey, the amenities offered are worth the price, and you might save more than living in a hotel. We have also seen that the best villas are in Sicily, and you should check them out to enjoy the benefits listed above. Even if you are sceptical about paying for a villa, remember that pampering yourself is very important, and the memories are great. For more information about, visit