Single Origin Coffee: Everything You Need To Know

Today, coffee comes with lots of variations. In fact, when you visit a coffee shop, it is sometimes challenging to pick what type of coffee to order as there are lots of options on the menu. They do this to keep up with emerging coffee trends. But did you know that coffees fall into three main categories? Yes, and those are year-round, single-origin, and seasonal releases. Let us try to focus on single-origin coffee.

If it is your first time hearing about single-origin coffee, or if you keep seeing it on the menu but are unsure about what it is, we’re here to help you. In this post, we are giving you everything you need to know about single-origin coffee. Moreover, you will also find out why the Vietnam Kratom Powder is the best option if you want to eliminate the harmful effects of stress and resolve pain and anxiety problems.

What Does Single-Origin Coffee Mean?

On the surface, the term “single-origin” may sound like a straightforward or simple description of something that is sourced from one place. However, like so many things in coffee, the meaning of this depends a lot on what exactly the context is.

If coffee is labeled “single-origin” or “single source,” it means that it comes from a single country, region, crop, or producer and has the unique flavor notes of its growth place. Its opposite is blended coffee, which is made using coffee beans from various places. Therefore, the profile of a single-origin coffee is always rooted in one specific place, and it is as unaltered as coffee can possibly be.

However, you also have to note that single-origin coffee is more expensive. Aside from that, it also takes longer to serve. This means that it is not the coffee of choice for all consumers. It’s because not all coffee-lovers are willing to pay extra for single-origin or are willing to wait the additional time it takes to brew.

The Subcategories of Single-Origin Coffee

single origin coffee

Since the term “single-origin” can define anything from a whole region to a single farm, there are sub-terms within this coffee category that may help distinguish how localized they are.

Estate Coffee

This is also referred to as single estate coffee. It means that the coffee beans come from a single farm, mill, or co-operative. Estate coffee is a more traceable type of single-origin coffee. Most of the time, a single owner operates multiple mills producing estate coffee beans. With sole ownership, quality control and ethical accountability can be provided.

Micro Lot Coffee

A micro lot coffee pertains to a single-origin coffee variety that is grown at a specific farm. These are the most traceable and niche coffee in the single-origin category. The majority of micro lot coffee labels give details about the lot or paddock where the coffee beans are grown.

Why is a Single-Origin Coffee Special?

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After learning about what a single-origin coffee is, let us also find out why it is special. What makes a single-origin coffee special mostly comes down to taste. This does not mean a single-origin coffee tastes better compared to blends or other types of coffee. What we mean is that each single-origin coffee tastes different from one to the next.

Single origin coffee has a distinct taste, and many factors influence its flavor. These include coffee variety, climate, inputs, and processing. Each of these factors is unique to a place. For instance, if the coffee beans are grown on the same lot as banana trees, they will carry a banana essence, or if they are grown by the sea, they may have a pleasant salinity. This means that from one country to another and one region to another, coffee flavor varies.

Another characteristic of a single-origin coffee that makes it special is its seasonality. Most coffee shops only keep them on the menu for a limited time because coffee tastes best when it is recently harvested. Therefore, if a coffee shop offers single-origin coffee for a limited time, it means that it wants to ensure that its customers are getting the best coffee experience possible.

The Benefits of Single-Origin Coffee

Your love for coffee can be exclusively justified by the unique flavor of single-origin coffee. But aside from that, there are many things that you can be proud of when you add it to your diet. In addition to the exclusive character and distinct flavor of single-origin coffee, it also brings value to farmers, which is quite impressive.

Single-origin coffee is processed through the fair trade practice. This ensures that the farmers get a fair price for their produce. By giving them justifiable and reliable income, they are able to keep on producing high-quality beans through sustainable and environment-friendly cultivation methods.

Aside from that, single-origin coffee also comes with many health benefits. One of those is that it can help people eliminate the risk of heart disease and dementia. Also, since the coffee beans are cultivated organically in a bird-friendly single estate, most single-origin coffee beans have natural ingredients and minerals that can help boost your resistance to a lot of diseases. Of course, just like other types of coffee, single-origin coffee is also a good source of energy level, which can enhance your mental and physical performance consecutively.

Therefore, drinking and investing in single-origin coffee because it is both ethical and profitable. It supports small producers operating sustainable and ethical coffee bean farms. It is also great for coffee lovers who want to expand their palette and experience unexpected flavors and who are willing to pay extra to enjoy a cup of single-origin coffee.


Single-origin coffee is indeed very interesting to learn about. For the modern, values-driven consumer, drinking single-origin coffee is not just about flavor. It is also about environmental and social awareness. The next time you visit a coffee shop, and you see single-origin coffee on the menu, you now know what it is and why it is more expensive compared to other options. We hope this post helped you learn more about single-origin coffee.