Tired of Headlight moisture? Here’s the Solution

We all love rainy season and all those seasons that makes weather pleasant. However, there is something about such pleasant weather that we don’t fancy when it comes to our vehicle’s headlight – moisture.

When the climate is not pleasant and still you see moisture in your headlight, then it could be because of humidity as it can cause condensation inside the housing unit. Keep in mind that condensation might automatically go away after a period of time.

No matter what the reason is, let’s get into the details of how you can get rid of moisture from your headlight. Moreover, we will also learn how to prevent your headlights from getting moisture inside the unit.

How To Get Rid Of Moisture From Headlight?

How To Get Rid Of Moisture From Headlight

1. Check owner’s manual

Before you start dismantling your headlight unit, it is highly recommended that you should check the owner’s manual. If you have the owner’s manual with you, it will help you know how to get everything back together after opening it. You need to know how to seal the headlight again before you break it as it can cause damage to your headlight unit. Having an owner’s manual handy, will guide you throughout the process.

2. Open the bonnet

It is advisable to open the bonnet and then reach out to the connections in order to remove the unit. Once you get your way inside the headlight unit, you can simply wipe out the unit – if the moisture is minor.

To do this, you can use a lint free piece of cloth. You may also get silica gel packets, which are often provided alongside new products. This package will help you to observe at least 40% of the moisture. Keep in mind that you keep these packets away from the lenses.

3. Keep under the sun

If you want the moisture to go away automatically and you also get warm weather in the morning then you can simply ask your vehicle and the sun. This process might be slow but eventually all the moisture will go away. You can also use a hair dryer to make the water evaporate quicker.

If you are using a heat gun or hair dryer, make sure that the level has been set lower, which is less than 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, you might damage other parts of your headlight, especially the bulb.

How To Prevent Headlight Getting Moisture?

How To Prevent Headlight Getting Moisture

Now that we’ve learned how to get rid of moisture, let’s avoid getting moisture into the headlight unit in the first place. Firstly, you need to check from what places the headlight unit is dripping water and from the place that doesn’t allow air to escape.

If you fail to find any cracks or vent that allows air to pass from your headlights, then you might be facing housing issues. It will be much easier to avoid getting moisture into the headlight once you know the source that is affecting it.

You can simply ensure there are proper fittings and the vents are at proper places that do not clog the water inside the headlight unit. After the unit is all dried up, you are good to go! However, if you notice there is still moisture coming back to your headlight, then you might need to contact a professional to fix it.


In conclusion, there are simple ways to fix headlight moisture. But if you notice that the moisture is coming back again and again even after you have fixed it, then there might be a major issue. In this case a professional might suggest to you that the class has been broken or there is a crack in the lens, which needs to be replaced.

In this case, you can choose any reliable online store such as SuncentAuto that provides good quality headlights at affordable prices. Furthermore, they also provide you with a 90 day return policy, which is really useful if you receive a defective product. You may also return if the product is not compatible with your vehicle.