Ways to Relax after Working Out

Working out isn’t enough to keep you fit, planning your post workout routine is equally important otherwise you lose what you gained from workout. Thus, what you do after workout is essential to yield good results, be it muscle gain or loss. Maintaining post workout routine helps to optimize energy level in the body by restoring the vitality.

Many people don’t plan their post workout routine, and that’s the biggest mistake they do, as your workout is still incomplete if you don’t follow a healthy post workout session. There are number of ways that you can apply to maintain a healthy routine after having intense workout. This article explores steps that you can take to maximize the results of your workout.

1. Water Immersion Technique

Working out for long can cause tiredness and your body might feel heavy as well. Water immersion is one such technique which is helpful for relaxing your body muscles after workout. Professionals suggest ice bath or hot tubs can help you to relax and release heaviness of your body. This method is scientifically proven, as your body consists 70 percent of water which is in majority, so whenever you take bath, your body feels happy and relaxed due to continuous running of water over the body. Taking 5-15 minutes of bath after workout can help you reduce muscle soreness, and you feel all refreshed once again.

2. Delta 8 THC


Delta 8 flower a combination of hemp and THC flower is known for its plenty of benefits, one significant benefit of it is, it has potential to relax your muscles after workout. Delta 8 incredibly affects your post workout routine, many people commit that it helps them to sleep and manage soreness, which means that it works as an aid after the workout session.

3. Meditation and deep breathing exercise

Many don’t know but post workout meditation is actually best to make you feel relaxed. Choose a soothing environment be it your bedroom, balcony or garden and sit over there for 5-10 minutes and practice simple meditation and deep breathing. While breathing imagine the breath filling up your lungs and expanding your abdomen and lower back. After holding breath for a few seconds release it slowly and repeat this process 4 or 5 times to exhale all your stress and tiredness, and inhale fresh air to feel relaxed. Every time you exhale imagine your body melting on the floor and you dropping all your tiredness, most importantly have control over your breathing and keep your mind focused.

4. Cardio


Light cardo after workout is never bad. However, many people are against it and say that it isn’t good for the body, which is actually not true. Light cardio can really make you feel relaxed after a heavy workout session. Going for walk or slow jogging gives your body some extra time to relax after workout. Doing this for at least 10-15 minutes can really help you to calm your muscles. According to experts, one of the biggest mistakes that people do after workout is, they suddenly stop. Your body works like a machine and when you stop the engine of a machine suddenly it hampers its performance. Instead of doing this continue to move your body and slowly bring it to resting position. For this reason, light cardio is advised, as after workout your body gets time to slow down and slowly it comes to resting position.

5. Heating therapy

If you think that Ice bath isn’t your thing then try heating therapy. Heat is a very old and known modality of relaxing your muscles. Take a tub of Luke warm water and stay there for a few minutes just make sure that you don’t get any burns. Follow this after workout for at least 5 minutes every day. Heat therapy works incredibly by increasing the blood circulation in a particular area due to increased temperature. It even soothes discomfort and can increases muscle flexibility as well. Heat therapy is great to heal tissues and soothe muscles.

6. Staying hydrated


After intense workout or broken sweat your body needs energy. Thus, replenishing your fluid levels improves muscle flexibility, it builds muscle strength and provide relief from soreness. However, don’t drink water immediately after workout take a few minutes to calm down and sit for a while to get rid of heavy breathing. Drink water once your breathings get normal. Moreover, drinking coconut water, green tea or black tea are also beneficial to make you feel relaxed. These drinks contain electrolytes, that contains sodium and potassium that can provide relief from muscle cramps.

Important of post-workout routine

The big importance that is highlighted about post workout routine is it helps you to relax. Giving your body appropriate time to relax after workout is highly important and this can’t be done by itself. In order to make your body relax you need to follow certain steps. Following these steps ensures that you get most benefits from your workout. Not giving time to body to relax after workout runs the risk of energy loss or muscle injury. Plus, it makes difficult for you to perform other essential activities of the day. Thus, never compromise your post workout routine due to lack of time or other commitments, it is an important part of workout that you must follow. The steps to follow are simple to follow and once you stick to them you observe maximum results of your workout.


These are some general steps that you must follow post workout. Workout alone is not enough to keep you fit, what you do before and after it plays an essential role as well. You must give your body a recovery time after gaining from your workout session by offering enough time for muscle recovery. Besides, get plenty of sleep which will help you to boost your recovery performance. The post workout session is meant to restore energy level in your body and rebuild muscle strength.