6 Great Reasons to Book a Family Room at a Top Hotel in Phuket, Thailand

Arriving home back in the UK you are so happy with life. Your husband is a wonderful man all the time, but this time he surpassed himself by carrying out plenty of research and contacting experts before booking your family holiday.

The kids are buzzing, as other passengers on the flight home will testify. You can’t wait to phone your sister and show her the holiday photos. Well, the ones you haven’t already sent her!

A big reason for your joy is that you stayed in one of the fantastic family rooms in Patong Phuket that your man saw advertised. Here are 6 reasons why you will be recommending the stay to your friends and family.

  1. For starters Phuket was stunning. It had fantastic weather, the airport was excellent, and it didn’t take too long to reach your hotel, with flights landing directly from the UAE. The scenic backdrop to where you were staying was amazing and you were only a few minutes’ walk from the golden sands of Patong Beach with its beautiful blue sea.
  2. The room was absolutely everything a family could wish for. It was clean, modern, and spacious. The kids had their own room with bunk beds which gave them space to have fun. It came with a PlayStation, smart TV, and Wi-Fi as well as their own bathroom all of which kept them happy and occupied, maybe even listening to some French music.
  3. Having the rooms both facing a brilliant pool there were options galore to relax or have fun together. The room amenities and extra space allowed the hubby to concentrate and solve a problem online for back home meaning he is in the good books when he returns to the office.
  4. The food at the hotel was wonderful offering a wide choice to suit all tastes. There was plenty of Asian cuisine along with international favourites. It must have been good because you got your normally unadventurous kids trying the locally caught seafood. And what’s more you even went to a Thai cooking class one evening while the others fooled by the pool, which is something else you can’t wait to show off to friends when they come round for dinner.
  5. To repay the husband you looked after the kids after returning from cooking so that he could have a chilled-out hour at one of the lounges to have a couple of cocktails. It was so good that you all returned to enjoy the special offers on Fridays Ladies Night. It inspired you to go for a walk in search of more!
  6. There was so much to do to keep the whole family entertained such as aqua gym classes and Thai boxing classes, although that was a step too far! The spa was a lovely treat though, which you thoroughly lapped up.

A family room at a quality hotel in Patong, Phuket is the perfect holiday destination for fun, relaxation and to bond together in brilliant surroundings.