Why a hotel on Phu Quoc, Vietnam is a fantastic holiday option

January and February can often be months where the winter blues set in. Christmas and New Year has been and gone, and it still seems like ages until the warmer weather will be upon us. It is a time that many people look to book a holiday, in order to make themselves better.

Of course, there is a myriad of destinations available. One country in Southeast Asia has seen an increase in numbers in recent years until the coronavirus struck. Travellers would do well to consider a break at a hotel in Phú Quốc, Vietnam.

Stunning hotel

You will receive amazing value for money when choosing the right hotel as they offer excellent promotions directly through their website. The suites are intimate with many leading out to a private terrace. There will be plentiful opportunities to sample local and international cuisine in the beautiful restaurants and bars, perhaps enjoying exotic cocktails as the sun sets in the distance.

Location, location, location

What better than to select a hotel close to the soft white sandy beach and a crystal clear ocean. There are 150km of sands around the stunning island offering plentiful options throughout a stay. Phú Quốc has its own airport, which is a short hop from Ho Chi Minh City, which provides plenty of daily flights. There is also the option of sailing over by ferry from Ha Tien or Rach Gia for those looking to explore. While sitting on an idyllic beach, it might offer the time to consider why coffee is healthier than you think.


A classic hotel specialises in travelling back in time to a slower and simpler, life, which is exactly the perfect way to relax and forget about any worries at the other side of the world. Doing so in stunning surroundings allows time for lots of romance. In a place where time stands still, it is so easy to lose yourself. No mass tourism on the island ensures a relaxed stay away from the crowds. Special mention must be made of the Vietnamese food which will help any discerning diner relax.


Phú Quốc has much to explore, from the An Thoi Archipelago, providing visitors with a mind-blowingly beautiful bunch of islands. Nature lovers will enjoy more than half of the island being protected as a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Boat trips to the UNESCO marine reserve can further satisfy, or perhaps some snorkelling might be the recreation of choice. Maybe a visit to the local puppet theatre might appeal.

The people

You will encounter smiling, friendly locals, which will include wonderful staff at the hotel, from the moment you arrive on Phú Quốc. The Vietnamese people are renowned for their welcoming nature and arrivals will not require advanced paperwork beforehand, as a free 30-day visa exemption to travel to the island will be provided. All carried out by courteous officials.

Look no further

A hotel stay on Phú Quốc will offer the ultimate in relaxation to allow immersing in local culture around beautiful warm locals.