How to Follow the French Fashion Style for Men

There are dozens of fashion styles that men can follow, but there are only a few of those that are considered the best of the best when it comes to looks and appeal. One of the fashion styles that are deemed the best is the French fashion style, which is more focused on business casual attires that look more sophisticated while not being too elegant. In order to learn how to style your outfits based on French fashion, we are here to provide you with some tips for you to have a proper French fashion style. So, without further ado, here are tips on how to follow the French fashion style for men. Do you want boys designer clothes? Please check out our site.

Know the Two Types of French Men’s Style

It is important to note that there are two main types of French men’s styles that are quite different in terms of appearance. The first type of French style is the iconic business casual attire popularized by French musician Serge Gainsbourg. This style features a simple shirt with plain colors and loosely cuffed sleeves, and a pair of sleek black trousers. The second type of French fashion style is the one popularized by French actor Alain Delon, who frequently wore polished business attire with matching coats and trousers.

If you are going to wear an outfit for work, then you may want to follow the “Alain Delon” style since it looks sharper, but if you are going to a party or a special event, then you can choose the “Serge Gainsbourg” style that is more laidback and simpler.

Wear Accessories

Although accessories are just small items that you can wear in different parts of your body, they can somehow elevate your overall style, as they can serve as fill-ins for the exposed parts of your body that clothes cannot style. One of the most popular accessories that men can wear is the watch, which is also essential for the French fashion style. For the said style, smaller and simple watches like the Rolex Air King are more suitable since it emphasizes the simplicity of French fashion while also highlighting its elegance.

Another accessory that is frequently worn for French fashion style is the scarf, which can come in a variety of colors and materials. If you are currently living in a very cold climate, then you may want to get scarves that are made from cotton or wool, but for warmer climates, you should get the ones made from silk and other breathable materials.

Pick Clothes Made from High-Quality Fabrics

shirts hanging in a clothes rack

French fashion style wouldn’t properly be followed without clothes that are made from high-quality fabrics, so make sure that what you will wear to follow the style is durable, reliable, and looks much better than most pieces of clothing. French fashion consists of dozens of different types of clothes, so it is incredibly versatile. However, as previously stated, all of the types of clothes you will incorporate in your style should have quality materials and looks. 

Besides looking better than inexpensive clothes, high-quality clothes are also very durable, so you will technically save money from buying them since you don’t have to constantly find replacements, as they are durable enough to last years.

Choose the Correct Fit

business casual attire

Of course, if you want your clothes to look better and more fashionable, then you should wear the ones that have the correct fit for your body. Wearing baggy coats, trousers, and long-sleeved shirts isn’t always a good look, so it is appropriate to try out the clothes you are eyeing in the store before purchasing them. If the correct fit and size of pants aren’t available, then you could just get them to a professional tailor that can make your pants fit better on your legs.

Besides pants, you can also get your coat or shirts tailored if you wish to make them fit better. However, keep in mind that getting a lot of clothes tailored can be pricey, so it would always be best to buy clothes that are already a good fit for you when you try them out in the store.

Wear the Best Shoes

Besides clothes, you should also focus on wearing the best and most suitable shoes for the French fashion style. The best shoes for French fashion are usually made of leather, but you can also wear some sporty-looking shoes or sneakers if you want to look more casual. In addition, for more casual business attire, you can opt to wear leather shoes that are brown in color instead of black.

If you are wearing leather shoes, it is crucial that they won’t have scuffs. Luckily, getting rid of scuffs is relatively easy, as you can use a leather polish, leather dye, or a rubber eraser to fix scuffs and remove dirt and other unsightly marks on your shoes. If there are dents or marks in your shoes that you cannot get rid of by yourself, then you may need to bring them to a shoe repair service.

Keep it Neutral

A quintessential detail that you need to know about the French fashion style is that it heavily relies on neutral colors, so clothes with bright colors wouldn’t fit well with the said style. Neutral colors include black, white, and gray, but you can also add brown, dark green, and other colors that are darker and less eye-catching. The key to a neutral fashion style is subtlety, which is achieved by wearing colors that wouldn’t really catch anyone’s attention.

However, you aren’t limited to plain colors if you are following the neutral French style, as you can still wear some stripes on your shirts, trousers, or coat, but it should be subtle so that it would still fit well with the neutral colors of your outfit.

These are the tips that you can follow if you want to base your outfit on the French fashion style for men. Remember to wear clothes that are made from high-quality materials, and they should also have neutral colors as well so that they are more appropriate for the style you are going for.