How to Dress like a French Woman over 50 (60, 40)


The Parisian style, a quintessential epitome of everything French, is an expression of elegant, carefree, and effortless fashion reflecting contemporary street styles and the latest global trends. Swapping between popular selections signifies the fashion-forward independent free thinker. However, the French woman emphasizes the classics. Timeless pieces, neutral tones, and a minimalistic look are the hallmark of a true-blue Parisian madam.

Trends in Vogue for French woman dressing style

Getting that supreme French style requires building your wardrobe with a solid foundation of the essentials with nothing going overboard. These pieces of classy essentials help create an embodiment of French versatility that serve a practical purpose.

Button-up Oxford Shirt

French Women

The classic white or blue Oxford shirt is a staple addition to a French woman’s wardrobe. Pairing this shirt with a straight black pant plaid blazer gives an effortlessly chic look, even for Parisian women over 40.

Straight-Leg Jeans


Avoid skinny jeans and go for the straight-leg style that reflects the epitome of true French. The jeans should not be skin-tight, but just loose enough with an open space at the ankle.

Beige Trench Coat


Whether its autumn or the cold season has begun, this trench coat is a quintessential addition, and the French woman’s best friend. It helps you stay warm and adds a dash of color to the gray rainy days during Parisian winter.

Camel Coat

Cake and Eat

This fashionable coat is a highly durable one almost every French woman swears by to keep warm during the colder months. The warm tone of camel that is somewhat beige in color is popular probably due to the beige-colored buildings in Paris.

Oversized Sweater


French style is fashionable to the core, and even the sweaters reflect the true spirit of Paris effortlessly. The oversized sweater is a staple item in a French woman’s wardrobe, whether she’s over 50 or over 60, and it gives a carefree look without being overly sexy when worn to hang loose.

Silk Scarf


Adding oodles of fashion, the silk scarf is a symbol of elegance in French Culture. It gives a vintage look that doesn’t fade among contemporary styles, and bright colored patterns are highly preferred.

Also, we suggest video tips on how to look like a French girl even you’re over 50:

Tips on How to Dress Like a Parisian Woman/Girl

It’s all about swapping between stylish pieces of denim, uber-cool knitwear, breezy floral prints, classic coats & jackets, and everything that’s enduring. Going easy on your makeup and leaving your hair free the way it is, is the typical way to go French. The Parisian style is recognized as a cultural identity worldwide not for the specific pieces of clothing, but for a state of mind and a specific style behavior. Check out our selection:

In other words, the Parisian style is capable of being reproduced all over the world, and it’s this distinct quality that confirms its deep-rooted presence. To sum it up, French style for older women or for any Paris woman, in general, is predominantly about your thinking and styling, and not about where you live. The younger lot, including older French women style themselves by prioritizing comfort that never fails to make a style statement.