Why Is The Rum Gone Or Is It?: A Swig of Non-Alcoholic Rum

Nowadays, there’s a whole host of drinks that you can find out there. Whether you go to your local liquor store or bar, you’ll have so many choices. Of course, having a lot of options isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Variety is the spice of life, after all. But, all the choices could still leave you overwhelmed.

Choosing a drink can be very difficult sometimes, especially if you don’t really know what you want. Do you want something with vodka or gin? Is tequila out of the picture? Are the amber-coloured variety of drinks more up your alley?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding something to drink. However, sometimes there is an easy solution. You could go with a liquor that is classic and versatile. Rum is a perfect example of this.

On its own, rum can be a perfect drink to get you through your night. However, it’s also versatile enough to go with a variety of cocktails. This is one of the reasons why many people opt to choose rum or a rum-based drink. It’s simple, and it’s good!

Unfortunately, many people who may not be up for some alcohol may feel like they’re missing out on the taste of rum. It seems like a predicament, right? Not exactly. Thanks to the miracle of food technology, science, and a little liquor know-how, there’s still a way to get the rum without the alcohol. You just need to try a nonalcoholic rum.

The Thing About Rum

Rum has been around for quite some time. Considering that it’s one of the oldest distilled liquors, it makes sense why many people are familiar with the liquor. What’s more, it’s said to have originated from the Caribbean. That would probably explain why a certain pirate always looks for it.

Rum is a product of the distillation of sugar cane. Most of the time, people the form of sugar cane people would use would either be molasses, sugar cane juice, or both. Whatever the case, this sugar mixture is fermented and then distilled. Afterwards, the blend is aged in wood casks. After a few years or so, you have your rum!

Rum evolved over the years has. There is now more than one way to produce it. It has also gone beyond just one type of rum, with many variants you can choose from now on.

Each type has its own unique flavour and taste profile. For example, white rum tastes a lot more like vodka but sweeter. Darker rums would be more full-bodied in terms of the smoky flavour but still, have that signature sugary taste.

However, one signature flavour always comes up regardless of the kind of rum produced. Rums will always taste rather sweet and sometimes even have hints of caramel. This may be one of the reasons why rums also go well with different mixes.

Common Rum-Based Drinks

There are hundreds of different cocktails out there, each of them made from certain types of liquor. However, among the many different liquors available, rum may be one of the most common ingredients in several cocktails. It’s no surprise as its taste profile goes well with several things.

The daiquiri is a perfect example of a popular rum-based cocktail. A typical daiquiri would have three ingredients: rum, simple syrup, and lime juice. From there, you can add a couple more touches to make a different kind of daiquiri. For example, throw in some strawberries and ice, blend them, and have a strawberry daiquiri!

Mojitos are another standard rum-based drink that many people drink. These consist of mint leaves, sugar, lime juice, club soda, and white rum! It’s a perfect drink for a night out or a hot day as it’s nice and refreshing.

One more common rum-based drink, which also happens to be incredibly popular, is the pina colada. You might have heard that this song’s perfect if you like getting caught in the rain. Oddly enough, it’s ideal for any occasion. All you need is some cream of coconut, lime juice, pineapple juice, frozen pineapple, and some dark-aged rum. Blend that all together, and you’re ready to escape!

The Non-Alcohol for the Non-Drinkers

Rum’s a great drink to enjoy on its own or in a cocktail. It’s probably why many people choose to drink it! However, it may seem like a bummer for many people who can’t drink alcohol because they could be missing out.

Considering how good rum tastes, it can be challenging to indulge your curiosity. Or is it?

While many would like to say the most crucial part of the rum is the alcohol, its taste would probably be more important. It’s what makes rum the drink that it is, after all! Fortunately, there is a way to taste the rum-y goodness without the alcohol! Enter the nonalcoholic rum!

You no longer have to feel left out for anyone who doesn’t want to consume alcohol! You can taste all the goodness that comes with rum by drinking a rum-inspired drink!.

It has all the tastes and flavours you can get in a rum without the guilt. So, you can mix that nonalcoholic pina colada or mai tai for that hot day without worrying!

It’s Worth A Shot

People might get taken aback when they hear about nonalcoholic rum. This is because many think it’s the alcohol that makes rum the drink people know so well. However, this isn’t necessarily the truth. Some people would argue that the other flavours give unique characteristics, such as the sweetness amidst the smokiness.

With that in mind, having rum without the alcohol but all the flavour still makes perfect sense! Moreover, it allows more people to enjoy the excellent taste of rum. So, you can still make all those cocktails and get all the flavours without worrying about the alcohol. It’s perfect for people who prefer not to get alcohol in their system.

So, try out the nonalcoholic version if you’re still looking to have a rum drinking experience without the alcohol. It’s just as good, without the guilt!