5 Rewarding Benefits of Mulch for Your Garden

Around the globe, people have been picking up home gardening throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

With so many people trying this hobby out for the first time, there has been an increase in the collective knowledge and pooled resources to help people have thriving, healthy gardens.

However, you may still be missing out on a very helpful and easily accessible tool: mulch!

Mulch is great for your garden’s overall prosperity, so let’s talk more below about the benefits of mulch (and why you need to get it for your soil).

1. Soil Moisture Retention

If you live in a hotter climate, or you experience intense summer weather, mulch is a lifesaver to prevent dry soil.

When you add garden mulch, you’ll find that it will reduce the evaporation of water so that your soil is protected from the harsh sun. It also can help with water evaporation on windy days, which is an added bonus.

2. Better Soil Health

Mulch installation will improve the health of your soil in many ways. For instance, it helps to reduce temperature changes in your soil that lead to poor soil quality. It can also promote soil health as it decomposes, which will help fend off certain soil diseases.

Certain mulches will also improve the chemical or physical properties of soil, as well as enhance the soil’s biological activities, leading to better plant growth.

3. Less Winter Injury

Because mulch is great for regulating the temperature and moisture levels of soil, it helps protect root systems in the soil itself.

The soil under mulch isn’t able to freeze as deeply in the colder months, so your plants are still able to get the water they need no matter how cold it gets outside.

4. Weed Control

When you buy mulch and add a thick layer to your garden, you’re giving weeds less of a chance to reach the actual soil. The weed seeds will need to get to that soil in order to grow, so if they don’t get a chance to plant themselves there, they will die before it becomes a problem.

If you have weeds that are already within the soil, mulch is able to block the thing that every plant, including weeds, needs to grow: sunlight.

5. Protection From Erosion

Using organic mulch, like straw or wood fiber, is a great option if you’re concerned about soil erosion. This lawn care company can help you learn more about the different types of mulch and what their specific advantages are.

This benefit of mulch works because the wind or rain that causes erosion won’t actually have much of an impact on the soil since the mulch will “take the hit” instead.

Mulch reduces the impact of these elements, and it acts as a protectant to keep the soil secure.

Enjoy the Benefits of Mulch in Your Garden

No matter which benefits of mulch your garden needs, there is no reason not to include it in your garden set up as soon as you can. It will help your soil become healthier, which leads to better growth and prosperity for all plants and crops.

If you want to get more tips on creating a successful garden or general yard care, check out the rest of our blog for more posts like this.