What were the Most Popular Fashion Trends of the 2010s in France?

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Introduction Several major fashion trends that captivated France in the 2010s and impacted the rest of the world were seen in different aspects of the 2010 fashion trends. Ten years ago, the word “emoji” appeared to be a misspelling, while the term “canceled” usually referred to school closures due to inclement weather; … Read more

What were the most popular fashion trends of the 2000s in France?

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Introduction The 2000s is the time of the millennials; it saw the merger of vintage fashions, global and ethnic apparel, as well as the fashions of several music-based subcultures, which is why the decade is frequently referred to as a “global mash-up” in terms of style. Globalization had a significant impact on … Read more

What were the most popular fashion trends of the 1990s in France?

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Introduction The ’90s is considered the most influential decade in the fashion industry. Fashion saw radical changes in the 1990s, with France playing a pivotal role in setting the decade’s standards. Slip dresses, Doc Martens, chokers, and crop tops are just few examples of the understatedly chic styles that compete with the … Read more

What were the most popular fashion trends of the 1980s in France?

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Introduction The styles and trends of the 1980s are truly unparalleled. Without the internet and social media, the 1980s saw more fashion icons emerge from music and television than any other decade before or after. Flashy colors and patterns, oversized clothing, shoulder pads, dramatic jewelry, and loud accessories like acid-wash jeans characterized … Read more

Major Fashion Trends in France in the 1950s

Why is France the Fashion Capital of the World

After enjoying a golden period from the 1920s to the 1930s, the fashion industry in France crumbled in the 1940s with the dawn of the Second World War. Thankfully, the aftermath of the global conflict saw France being reborn as the world’s fashion capital. Designers became more circumspect during 1950s fashion scene, … Read more

Best Types of French Perfumes


France was not the first country that invented and used perfumes. In ancient times, the ancient Romans and Greeks were known to be keen users of perfumes and scents. According to studies, the art of creating perfumes can be traced back to the origins of western civilization in Mesopotamia. In times before … Read more

What is a French Manicure


Over the years, our society had developed various beauty styles from different origins. Our hair, face, and nails are often used to convey a person’s beauty; that is why several beauty products were invented. Nails have gone a long way than just trimming it to a short-length. Nail services, such as manicure … Read more

Winter Outfit Staples for Him and Her


After almost a year of lockdown, every moment we spend outside is important for our sanity—whether it is as simple as walking out on the street or going for a quick out-of-town trip with the family. The pandemic has prompted everyone to appreciate outdoor activities more than ever. To enjoy the snow … Read more