Steak au Poivre and How to Fix It


A classic French steak recipe is steak au poivre (pronounced “oh-PWAHV”). “Au piove” means “peppered” in French, and the dish features a perfectly cooked steak crusted with cracked peppercorns. It’s usually topped with a rich, creamy pan sauce flavored with cognac or brandy. Steak Au Poivre is a French phrase that translates … Read more

Best Easy Eggless French Toast Recipes to Make at Home

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French toast without eggs sounds paradoxical. Yet, it is possible and quite yummy too. French toast recipes without eggs are quite useful for those who are vegans or vegetarians or those who are allergic or intolerant to eggs. Eggless French toast can be made most delicious in the following ways. Recipe 1. … Read more

How to Make Salad Dressing Like the French


    Making your own salad dressing is not only a cheap alternative to store-bought vinaigrettes, but it’s also very French! The following recipe is a classic French trick taught to me by one of my favorite Parisian friends. It’s tasty, eco-friendly, and simple. Here’s what you need: A jar of mustard … Read more

5 Ways To Cook Polidori Sausage This Summer


  French and Italian go together like the best of friends, so when Polidori Sausage gave me an assortment of their yummy meat, I knew I was going to love it. What I didn’t know was how versatile the sausage would be, finding its way into nearly every one of my home-cooked … Read more

“Pot” Au Feu: Cannabis Cuisine and a Recipe by Chef Laurent Quenioux


  Cannabis is now legal for recreational use in Colorado, which not only changes things politically, but also makes us foodies wonder, “Can we cook with marijuana? Is it tasty? Could pot even be the new ‘kale?’” One of the world’s most adventurous (and wackiest) classically-trained chefs, Laurent Quenioux, decided to experiment … Read more

Easy Steak Au Poivre Recipe (Bordeaux Style)

Poivre Recipe

Steak is such a classic French bistro dish that it gets a whole chapter in Ann Mah’s book, Mastering the Art of French Eating. But it’s also surprisingly easy to cook at home. Contrary to most Americans’ perspectives of steak being a special, “fancy” dish, I almost always prefer to have steak … Read more

Simple Steak Bordelaise Recipe


Servings 4 servings Prep time 30minutes Cooking time 40 minutes Calories 420 kcal Steak Bordelaise [bohr•duh•LAIZE] (also known as Entrecôte Bordelaise or Bœuf Bordelaise in French) sounds fancy, but it just means “steak with Bordeaux sauce.” As you might imagine from my super professional translation, the most important element of this sauce … Read more

Faux Gras – Vegetarian Foie Gras Recipes

Gras Recipes

  Well, you all proved me wrong! Turns out foie gras is still pretty controversial despite my best efforts to explain why I keep it in my diet. I’m grateful to have the debate and to be so heartily overruled by comments and social media – frankly, the possibility of igniting a … Read more