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Confession: Why I Hate the Eiffel Tower

Can you picture Paris without the Eiffel Tower? I can. And so can many Parisians. The truth is that I don’t really like the landmark and – while I’m blowing your mind – here’s another confession: I lived in Paris for 6 months without even so much as one step […]

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Franco-Foodie Adventures in Los Angeles

One of the first questions people ask you in Los Angeles is “where are you from?” because most people aren’t actually from LA. I’m a rare exception, growing up a child of the beach amidst many transplants. But these transplants are what I love most about my hometown. They create […]

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Seattle French Food And Adventures

August. The month when every Frenchie goes on vacation. This month-long exodus is SO popular in French culture that the word “vacation” is even plural, perhaps to refer to a vacation’s implied multi-week duration. We in the states are not so lucky, but quick summer vacations still make for fantastic […]