What Are Some Great Places to Visit for Star Gazers?

A photo of a person looking at the night sky

Some people love the vibrance of sunrise and sunsets, but some also enjoy the coziness of the nightlife. This is because the tranquility of the night gives more Zen to the rest of us. In fact, the beauty of the stars in the sky has long been praised, and the constellations have … Read more

What Are The Most Famous Buildings In France?

So, you’ve decided to move to France? Oui bien sûr!  Most likely, you’d be living in your dream home, a spherical glass structure with a view of rich purple Provence lavender fields, a drywall-textured kitchen ceiling, and a balcony where you could spend days reading your favorite books. Nothing beats being surrounded … Read more

Tips for Eating Organic When On the Go

Yogurt parfait on a jar

When traveling or being on the go, it can be challenging to stick with any type of diet or lifestyle. Many people who are dedicated to an organic diet often say that it’s tough to eat organic food while traveling, especially if you have direct access to farmer’s markets and organic stores … Read more

Confession: Why I Hate the Eiffel Tower


Can you picture Paris without the Eiffel Tower? I can. And so can many Parisians. The truth is that I don’t really like the landmark and – while I’m blowing your mind – here’s another confession: I lived in Paris for 6 months without even so much as one step on the … Read more