Importance of having a good attitude

Importance of having a good attitude

When we were young, most of us came across the phrase “attitude is everything.” It normally occurs when we tend to become sore losers in sports or games. However, when we come of age, we realize the phrase’s meaning and how we can effectively apply it in our lives. will illustrate … Read more

6 Unjustly Forgotten Paintings


The world of art is a majestic one that attempts to uplift both the famous and uncommon artists alike. But, often due to overpowering art movements or in a wave of new artists, the art world may let you forget some of the beauties from the yesteryears. The eclectic art of contemporary … Read more

Are Lentils Vegetables or Grains? Example of Lentils and TOP-3 Recipes

So, today we’ll get to know about lentils. Are Lentils Vegetables Or Grains? Lentils are technically pulses, along with beans and peas. Vegetables include any edible part of any plant, thus encompassing multiple food groups. Grains are hard, dry seeds, small-sized, and lacking any fruit layer. Thus, to answer “What food group … Read more