Types of French Massages

an inside view of a spa and wellness center 

France is known for its luxurious and relaxing spa treatments, and the French massage is one of the most popular. With its diverse range of styles and therapeutic benefits, it is no surprise that French massages have stood the test of time. They have been around for centuries, and are still widely … Read more

Go All-In On These Las Vegas French Dining Concepts

Go All-In On These Las Vegas French Dining Concepts

If you are a Francophile or a foodie (or both!) yearning for French dining, you don’t need to book a flight to France just yet. There are many French dining options right here in the U.S. In fact, if you’re already planning to go on to L.A. after reading the Franco-Foodie Adventures … Read more

Getting Along with ‘Rude’ Parisians


Are Parisians impolite? This topic rears its ugly head frequently here. Is it rudeness, or something else, such as cultural differences in social behavior combined with language difficulty? What are your thoughts? Rudeness is, unfortunately, a universal human trait. But don’t forget that there are wonderful people in Paris as well. People … Read more

Do They Celebrate Valentine’s Day in the City of Love?

Romantic vacation

Valentine’s Day is widely regarded as the ultimate day of cheesy, unapologetic romance, loved by some and despised by others. While some may be aware that the holiday is named after a priest named Saint Valentine, they may be unaware of the full history of Valentine’s Day, which is decidedly less romantic … Read more

Buying French Makeup Foundation in the US


Every artist begins their masterpiece with a blank canvas, just as every French girl begins her makeup routine with one of these incredible French foundations. It may seem obvious, but finding the perfect foundation is a difficult task. You want something that works and will make you feel more confident in your … Read more

What Are the Different Types of Dining Tables

a rectangular dining table

When choosing a perfect dining table for your house, there’s a lot more to choose from than size and materials. For most people, purchasing a new dining table is a personal experience for different reasons. It is not just a mere furniture piece but also the centerpiece of your dining room, where … Read more

Tips for Maintaining a Well Organized Kitchen

An organized kitchen

The kitchen is the only place in your house used one way or the other, almost all day. Whether it is some snacks you are craving or trying out a new recipe, your kitchen needs to be the most organized place. You cannot work attentively if your cooking items and utensils are … Read more

Why Coffee is Healthier Than You Think

Why Coffee is Healthier Than You Think

We all know coffee can be a delicious drink, but did you know it has benefits beyond simply being rich and flavorful? Coffee is not only the most consumed beverage in the world, but it also provides benefits to your health. In this blog post we will discuss some of those benefits … Read more