12 Most Popular Sports in France


France, like other countries, has popular sports in that people are avid players. The Rugby World Cup (2007), the FIFA World Cup (1938 and 1998), and the Tour de France, the world’s largest cycling race, have all been held in France. They were a strong supporter of the Olympic Games’ resurrection at … Read more

Best Beaches to Visit in France


The first rule to remember when looking for the best beaches in France is not to assume that everything is on the Riviera. While the legendary stretch of coastline has some amazing beaches, don’t overlook the Bay of Biscay or the Normandy coast when planning your French summer vacation. So, which beaches … Read more

Romantic Places in France to Pop the Question


When it comes to getting engaged to the love of your life, you would like to make sure the proposal is unforgettable. Getting down on one knee in some far and renowned environment would undoubtedly make for a memorable moment for partners who are enthusiastic about luxury, travel, and new adventures. From … Read more

Most Popular French Sports


France makes a perfect place to visit and live in with its romantic landscape and sexy language on top of its sophisticated culture. Go on a date, celebrate an achievement, or propose for the love of your life – the country has all the right of ambiance and scenery to make the … Read more

Best Places to Visit in France


For more than two decades, France is one of the most popular destinations globally, with 82 million international visitors each year! France’s sophisticated culture, superb cuisine, great wines, romantic chateaux, and stunning landscape attract visitors worldwide. Along with great food, a vast coastline, and Alpine glaciers, France provides world-class art and architecture, … Read more

Most Popular French Dishes


Possibly, one of the things people look forward to when going to France is the savory and flavorful French dishes. The wide variety of famous French dishes with rich and natural flavors is something you undoubtedly would want to try. The nice thing about French food is that it incorporates their cultural … Read more

Unique Romantic Date Ideas to Try in Paris


If there’s a perfect date setting in the world, many people would agree that it would be none other than the city of love itself: Paris. Romance and Paris match like they’re made together for each other—scenic views, luxurious restaurants, famous art museums, and a whole lot more. The city has witnessed … Read more

How to Safely Travel in France


With its breathtaking scenery, a wide selection of delectable food, rich history, and joie de vivre, there’s no wonder why France ranks as the world’s number one tourist destination. From the renowned busy streets of Paris to the French Alps’ raw beauty, stunning coastlines of Cote d’ Azur, and alluring countryside of … Read more