6 Tips For Camping With Toddlers

Camping can bring lots of fun to the family, though you may wonder how you can plan a camping trip around toddlers. After all, toddlers require lots of attention and care, so you should keep them safe as you prepare for a camping trip. If you need some tips, you can go through the six ideas in this article to get some help.

Bring Multiple Adults

As you plan a camping trip with multiple toddlers, you need to bring many adults on the trip. Toddlers can easily run off and get into dangerous situations, so they need multiple eyes on them when possible. Make sure you have at least one adult per toddler and bring more adults when you can.

If you bring multiple adults, you can take turns watching the toddlers on the trip. Doing this will allow each of the adults to have fun and enjoy themselves while keeping the toddlers safe from dangers.

Find the Right Location

Keeping your toddlers safe during the trip will also involve picking the right location for it. Some camping areas will be more dangerous than others, so you should do your research and identify the best one for families. For example, you may want to stay away from campsites with large bodies of water, animals, and other potential dangers.

As you do your research, you can look into camping in New York state parks and other areas that interest you. By doing this, you can review your various options and find an ideal campsite.

Bring Toys and Entertainment

Toddlers can easily get bored during a camping trip which may lead to them wandering off. This can quickly become a dangerous situation if the toddlers go towards unknown places, so make sure you bring toys and entertainment for them. That way, if you need to focus on something else, you can distract your toddlers with toys and forms of entertainment.

While this won’t substitute watching your toddlers, you can use the toys to make your job easier. After all, you may need to set up tents or do other things.

Pick Toddler-Friendly Activities

While toys and entertainment can help your toddlers enjoy the camping trip, you should plan activities with them in mind. Many times, people will find different activities they can enjoy while camping, such as swimming, shooting targets, and many others. However, some of these activities may not be safe for your toddlers.

This means you should identify the activities your toddlers can join in on. By doing this, you can let them enjoy the trip without feeling like they’re getting left out in the activities the adults get to participate in.

Accommodate for Their Eating Needs

You also need to do your best to provide foods your toddlers will enjoy as you go camping. For example, you may cook certain foods for the adults, but you may need to cook something else for the toddlers. After all, some toddlers can get picky, so you need to accommodate them and ensure they get fed.

You should feed the toddlers healthy foods, but you may not want to give them the same ones as adults. That way, both the adults and toddlers can be happy during the trip.

Bring Extra Clothes

Toddlers can easily get in messes during camping trips. Since there will be dirt and other things at the campsite, your toddlers can easily get into something and make their clothes dirty. If you want to combat this, you need to bring some extra clothes with you, so you can change your toddlers whenever they get into messes.

The extra clothes you bring will depend on the length of your upcoming trip. For example, one extra pair works for one day, but you’ll want more for camping trips that last more than two days.


As you prepare for a camping trip with toddlers, you can follow these steps to have a great experience despite the difficulties you face. They will need adults to watch them, but you can prepare a trip for everyone to enjoy. Make sure you review these six tips, so you and your entire family can make the most out of your upcoming camping trip.

Author:  Renaldo Constantine