Best Rifle Scopes for Deer Hunting

Archery hunting is on the rise. While only a small population of hunters actually hunts with a bow, they’re killing around 25% of the total deer harvested each year.

Archery hunting is getting better, and more and more people are falling in love with the process of bowhunting.

But rifle hunters still far outnumber bowhunters. This is especially true out west, where it’s near impossible to get within 50 yards of a deer.

In the mountains and along the great rolling plains, rifles are king. Good rifles, and the best rifle scopes, allow hunters to harvest deer at 300 yards or further successfully.

But before you even think about taking a shot like this, you need to ensure your gear is capable. Keep reading below to learn about the best rifle scopes for deer hunting to ensure you make the most of the upcoming season.

What to Look for in a Rifle Scope

When out deer hunting, few things will impact your ability to harvest a deer than your scope. Hunting rifles, however expensive, are virtually worthless without quality glass on top.

But what makes a good scope? For one, the magnification power. A decent scope will allow for 3-9x magnification.

9x is good enough for most Midwestern hunters whose shots are about 150 yards or closer. Those hunting long-range can find good scopes upwards of 30x.

A good scope will also allow great visibility in lowlight conditions, which is usually when the best shot opportunities arise. A large scope aperture is what will allow for good shots at dawn and dusk.

If you are on a tight budget, expect to spend around $300 for a decent scope. Most avid hunters expect to spend more than $1,500 for a good scope.

The Best Rifle Scopes

There are many different types of rifle scopes for deer hunting. But which ones are the best? Here are some top contenders.

Vortex Razor HD LHT 3-15×42

Vortex is a household name in the hunting community. Their scopes are always considered the best.

The Vortex Razor is a great scope for short to medium ranged shots, with a magnification rating of 3-15x. It can easily handle shots upwards of 200+ yards.

And it’s modestly priced. Still over $1K, but far less than $2K. If you want one scope that can handle most hunting conditions, this is it. And it goes perfectly on a high-quality rifle, like those from Cooper Firearms, link here.

NightForce Optics SHV 5-20X56

The Nightforce SHV is one of the best scopes for lowlight conditions. If you spend most of your hunting hours around sunrise or sundown, you’ll want something like this.

The lens is huge, at 56 mm diameter, letting more ambient light in, illuminating your view before the sun comes up. And a magnification of 5-20x means you can see far.

Vortex Diamondback 4-12X40

Yes, Vortex makes some of the best scopes on the planet. But they also have budget-friendly options, perfect for new hunters.

The Vortex Diamondback is a very popular “first hunting scope.” With a sub-$400 price point and magnification up to 12x, it does everything you need it to, without the advanced bells and whistles.

Buy the Best Glass You can Afford

Yes, it’s true. The best rifle scopes cost more than a grand, but they greatly enhance your hunting capabilities.

You can, however, get a great one for less than $500. It will do most of what you need it to, but it won’t excel at long distance shots or in low light conditions.

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