Best Types of French Perfumes

France was not the first country that invented and used perfumes. In ancient times, the ancient Romans and Greeks were known to be keen users of perfumes and scents. According to studies, the art of creating perfumes can be traced back to the origins of western civilization in Mesopotamia. In times before bathing was an everyday activity, perfumes were used to make people smell attractive and seclude terrible body odors. This is why since ancient times, perfumes were that important.

When it comes to producing top-of-the-line high-quality perfumes made with natural extracts of plants, nothing will ever beat France’s best perfume producers’ acquired skills. The French have their own secrets and techniques that they pass down from generation to generation under Grasse’s Mediterranean sun. And they kind of make sure that these techniques cannot just be replicated, which is why in this article, we are going to list down the best types of French perfumes.


They are also known as pure perfume or Extrait de parfum, this type of French perfume has the highest fragrance concentration. It contains anywhere from 15% to 40% fragrance. Out of all kinds of scents, parfums tend to last the longest, usually six to eight hours. Aside from that, parfum is also the highest price of all the fragrance types because of the high concentration of fragrance. People with sensitive skin best use Parfum because they have far less alcohol content compared to other fragrance types. Therefore, they are not likely to dry out the skin.

Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum or EDP contains the next highest concentration of fragrance next to parfum. It has a fragrance concentration level between 15% and 20%. Typically, Eau de parfum can last from four to five hours. Aside from that, it is also generally less expensive than parfum, but it does contain a higher concentration of alcohol level than parfum. Eau de parfum is also best for sensitive skin than other fragrance types, it is one of the most common fragrance types in the market, and it is perfect for everyday wear.

Eau de Toilette

Eau de toilette or EDT contains a fragrance concentration between 5% and 15%. This type of perfume is a bit cheaper than Eau de parfum, and it is considered one of the most common types of fragrance available in the market. Eau de toilette fragrance typically lasts for about two to three hours. For some people, eau de toilette is considered a daywear perfume, while Eau de parfum is considered a nightwear perfume. The term eau de toilette was derived from the French term faire sa toilette, which means get ready.

Eau de Cologne

Eau de cologne or EDC contains a lower concentration of fragrance than the types of perfumes mentioned above. Eau de cologne typically has about 2% to 4% percent concentration levels fragrance, but it contains high alcohol concentrations. Eau de cologne is much cheaper than other types of fragranced Eau de Cologne’s scent generally lasts for a maximum of two hours. This type of perfume often comes in bigger bottles, and you need to use more of the fragrance before you can fully smell its scent. Initially, eau de cologne refers to the traditional recipe involving herb and citrus notes and little anchoring base notes.

Eau Fraiche

Eau Fraiche a little bit similar to eau de cologne because it also has a scent that can last for about two hours. Eau Fraiche has lower fragrance concentrations than eau de cologne because it typically has only 1% to 3% fragrance concentration. While this type of perfume contains low fragrance concentration, it also does not have high amount concentration levels of alcohol. Aside from the fragrance, the rest of eau fraiche is composed of mostly water.