French Styling Tips for Your Home

France is not only known for its picturesque landscapes and state of the art buildings; they are also praised for their interior design as well. French interior design is applauded for its timeless elegance and homey vibe, making it a sought-after style among many people across the globe.

More than the Eiffel Tower, buttery croissants, rich art history, and the in betweens, it is of equal importance that we give praise to French interior design. If you want to have a home that embodies subtle elegance and a casual vibe that looks well put together effortlessly, then this article is for you. French-style home interiors might seem impossible to achieve, but the look is not really hard to emulate in your home! Follow these following tips to master the art of styling your home the French way:

Create a mixture of the old and new

French interior design gives equal importance and praise to their roots and their present. The feel is often distinctive but eclectic, featuring décor and furniture from a vast range of eras, sources, and styles. To achieve that vibe, you must mix contemporary pieces with flea market choices or European antiques, much better those with midcentury modern finishes. Try to be creative but cohesive as much as possible. You would not want to make it look chaotic. One key is to repeat a few main colors throughout your space to connect random décor and elements.

It’s in the architectural details

What’s a French interior designed-home without the intricate architectural details? Your home may not have intricate ceiling moldings or expensive floorings, but it doesn’t mean your game stops there. You can buy antique vases or arts to make your fireplace mantel the focal point of your home or a decorative rug to highlight your wooden flooring. If you feel that your space lacks architectural details, you can also consider small upgrades to boost your home’s vibe and character, such as by adding crown molding in the recreational area or redoing the floors in the kitchen or entryway with herringbone brick or terracotta tiles.

Adding a hint of elegance

Every French home (or a French-inspired one) needs a hint of glamour and elegance. Instantly elevate your home by adding a fancy crystal chandelier or mounting an antique mirror. Come up with one or two glamorous accessories or decors to instantly spruce up your space without going all-out glitzy.

Aging furniture and décor make a beautiful home

French interior design opens its arms to the character of aged wood, burnished metal, and chipped paint. For them, beauty does not have to be perfect. Give your home a historical hint with items that showcase their age, such as an antique treasure chest or table with peeling finishes.

Pick velvet or brocade upholstery

French homes are all about textures. They embrace rich fabrics like velvet to instantly spruce up the vibe of the whole place. Try it out on the sofa or chair in the living room, add a majestic touch of blue velvet if you want that regal vibe.

Be creative with your art choices

French art is more known for its traditional architectural and design style, but they are also famed for their contemporary and sometimes very abstract taste.So, make sure to spruce up your space with whimsical, modern art and the proper art lighting, no matter if you go with pop art or abstract, to add a spark of happiness in a neutral space.

Make it personal

One cornerstone of French interior design is that their concept of beautiful is a mixture of pizzaz and imperfection. If you are all for that laissez-faire vibe, then unleash your creativity and accessorize with items or corners that are dear to you. Use your books, family heirlooms, artwork, and whatnot to make your home more personal and special to you.

But don’t go over the top

As you have fun accessorizing and decorating your home with an eclectic mix of decors and furniture, make sure to not overdo it. French-style homes reflect a subtle, pared-down aesthetic that does not feel overwhelming. So, when styling your home, decorate with purpose. More so, only choose items that reflect your personality or the overall look you are aiming for. Less is more, so only make use of those that will spark joy and purpose for the longest time. For instance, if that pop art does not float your boat anymore, maybe it’s about time to remove it and bring out your family heirloom’s antique vase that has been sitting in your storeroom for a long time to get the attention it deserves.


People are obsessed over French homes for a reason: maybe it’s because of the elegance it exudes, their artistic mixture of textures, or the layered looks they rock. Whatever the reason, one thing’s for sure: French interior design is something to look up to and will always be a great design approach to adapt in our homes.