French Teas To Try Out

In a land renowned for its wine and cheese, tea drinking in France is less popular than how it is relished in the UK. For most of history, tea has only enticed the French elite’s palate and has now fully caught the public, deeming that the practice was merely a form of luxurious self-indulgence. But, today, things have changed, and you’ll be surprised that it is now a hub of many delicious gourmet teas waiting for you to try. To help you out, here are the French teas you never dare to miss sipping and savoring!

Mariage Frères


Founded by brother Edouard and Henri Mariage in 1854, Mariage Frères boasts a long history of tea preparation. Through the years, the gourmet tea company has been known for its original and new creations and now offers over 500 high-quality, delicious teas you can genuinely enjoy. From matcha to blue, red, black, chocolate, Jasmine to Darjeeling, there is a flavor to suit your preference. Aside from teas, Mariage Frères also sells tea-flavored pastries, tea-scented candles, teapots, and tea accessories.



Another gourmet tea company that has a rich heritage is Kusmi. Founded in 1867 in St. Petersburg, Russia, it found its way to Paris in 1917. Relish its flavorful original blends and herbal blends, which use a heavenly combination of spices, herbs, and flowers. The company also introduced its health line, which will not only transport you to Russia while in France but will also provide your body with exceptional benefits.



Founded initially as a fragrance distillery in 1672, the company became the official perfume supplier of Louis XIV and Marie-Antoinette. However, it only adopted the name NINA’s after Nina Diaz presented the Queen a cake from their family recipe, which captured the Queen’s heart and quickly put the NINA’s as her favorite. Today, NINA’s is renowned for their Original de Marie-Antoinette tea, a unique mixture of specially hand-picked apples and rose petals from the King’s garden. Plus, the company offers a wide selection of other exquisite and aromatic tea flavors every tea lover can enjoy.



While the tea shop is primarily known for hot chocolate, Angelina tea room also has a delectable tea collection. You can pick from a combination of apple, chestnut, maple, toffee, orange, and an almost limitless range of special flavors. Sip your preferred tea while enjoying their signature pastries and desserts, and you’ll know why this tea shop is famous and visited by many Parisian icons. Don’t forget to bring some tea home for your own tea party!

Dammann Frères


Dammann Frères holds the prestige of being the first company to sell tea under Louis XIV’s order, making it the first tea shop in France. Since then, the company has never ceased on its quest to bestow the finest teas in the world. The family’s passion and expertise have been passed down three generations, which radiates to the high-quality teas they offer. You can choose from their gourmet, herbal, fruits, exotic, flowery, citrus, and many other flavored teas, which will all satisfy your taste buds.



It may lack history compared to other tea companies on this list, being only founded in 1994, but Lupicia is never short of delightful teas to cater to every individual. Though it has Japanese roots, you can discover authentic, rich flavor teas across the world in this tea shop, from green, black, herbal, to oolong teas. Don’t skip trying their Bonaparte n°40 and Bienvenue à Paris, which are both made for French tea lovers.

Palais des Thés


Founded by nearly fifty tea enthusiasts who collaborated to craft some of the world’s best tea, Palais des Thé is another tea shop to add to your French tea bucket list. Relish different varieties, such as fruity, gourmet, spicy, floral, to earl grey teas, and take on a new journey through your palate.


If you’re seeking out to taste refined and delicious teas, head to France right away. You’d surely enjoy various brands, tea shops, and hundreds of flavors, but better yet, discover the unique history behind these exquisite drinks.