How Students Can Save on Prescription Drugs by Ordering Medicines Online

College and university students often struggle to find funds to buy what they need. That is why many are turning to online pharmacies for their medications. The cost savings can be pretty significant. Unfortunately, their parents don’t have the funds to help them either.

With the pandemic and resulting lockdowns, people are increasingly doing their shopping online. The entire way people obtain their goods has changed.

Americans are Turning to Online Pharmacies

Prices of prescription drugs are going up in the United States. Consumers lack affordability. In 2017, Americans spent $333 billion on medications. This is a 40% increase from the 2007 figure of $236 billion.

Insulin, in particular, has had significant increases, up four times as much over the same time.

A 2014 study showed Humira, costs 96% more in the United States than in the United Kingdom. And 225% higher than in Switzerland. Other medications have significant cost differences inside the United States versus other countries.

This explains why Americans search out more affordable ways to get their prescriptions; for example you can visit this link to order medications. Or find alternate medications that cost less. Thus the advantages of online pharmacies seem beneficial. Online pharmacies in other countries offer medications at a cost far below the U.S. market.

Scientists Looking for New Manufacturing Methods

Part of the issue with medication supply chains is the growing process. Many plants which are used to make medications need a specific climate to grow.  Including plants to make hydroxychloroquine. Because of this, they are made outside the United States. 70% of the world’s supply of hydroxychloroquine is manufactured in India.

Drugs made from plants have been subject to supply shortages. Environmental disasters and sudden increases in demand result in medication shortages.

Breakthroughs in science lay the foundation for a better supply chain for medicines. They are experimenting with using yeast instead of plants to make certain drugs. Synthetic biology, the ability to edit DNA, computers, and automation makes this possible.

Adding genes from plants to baker’s yeast resulted in tropane alkaloid drugs. They are a class of medications used to treat neuromuscular disorders including Parkinson’s. These include hyoscyamine and scopolamine.

They engineered yeast to ferment opioids, resulting in synthetic biology’s first narcotic. Although successful in these regards, challenges for growing other medications lay ahead. Natural plants have a complicated biosynthesis process.

Scientists used 26 different enzymes and proteins in yeast to duplicate this process. They also recreated the complex cell processes similar to plants. Duplicating these processes in a microorganism has never been done.

The yeast used to make bread is the medium they are using to grow these complex molecules.

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