How to Tie a Scarf Like The French


“You can always spot un américain because they never seem to wear scarves properly,” said a Parisian friend to me one day over un café (that’s an espresso en français). In order to fit in with the fashionably cold-weathered Europeans, it’s important to learn how bundle up like the French.

Don’t simply drape the scarf around your neck, leaving the ends hanging. This is much too American, mon cheri.


Always loop your scarf at least one full circle around your neck (the Parisian father above models the same scarf with both two loops and just one)

Do tie your loose ends after you loop around your neck

Do practice the “European Loop”:

  1. fold your scarf in half
  2. drape it around your neck with the loop on one side and both loose ends on the other
  3. pull the loose ends through the loop to tighten
  4. adjust the scarf so the loop sits in the middle of your chest or collarbone
  5. tuck the loose ends into your jacket

How do you like to tie your scarf? Do you have a favorite style? Let me know in the comments below.