Most Popular French Dishes

Possibly, one of the things people look forward to when going to France is the savory and flavorful French dishes. The wide variety of famous French dishes with rich and natural flavors is something you undoubtedly would want to try. The nice thing about French food is that it incorporates their cultural heritage and culinary history, making them so distinct and memorable. So to help you discover the delectable French cuisine, here is a list of the most famous French dishes. You can also learn about expert decorating tips for a wine tasting party.


Soupe à l’oignon

This dish is one of the traditional soups from France. The soup is consists of beef stock and onions, plated with melted cheese on top and accompanied with croutons on the sides. The caramelization of the onions creates a unique savor in this soup. People consider this soup a peasant dish during Roman times, but now, soupe à l’oignon is everyone’s favorite. This soup is made yummier with garlic and the saffron mayonnaise laid on top. 

Classic Tarte Aux Pommes

This flavorful dish would make a great appetizer. A Tarte Aux Pommes is an apple tart that you may see in almost all the French patisserie and restaurants. This food consists of a soft and savory frangipane filling and caramelized apples laid in a spiral pattern on top. After that, they garnish the tart with a glazed light apricot jam, adding flavor to this classic French dish. 

Moules Marinières

You can find this famous French dish in most café and brasserie in France. The main ingredient of this popular meal is the mussels that are cooked and soaked in white wine, topped off with parsley and shallots. Unlike other recipes, the French recipe does not incorporate cream into the sauce of this dish. Like any other French seafood dish, Moules Marinières is perfect to pair with Muscadet, a famous French white wine. 

The Classic Nicoise Salad

The classic Nicoise is a traditional French salad, one of the crowd’s favorites. This dish comprises different ingredients like potatoes, olives, tuna, egg, and green beans. To complete the salad, they add the essential component, anchovies. The classic Nicoise salad is perfect for those on a diet but still want to enjoy a pleasant and flavorful French meal. 

Coq au vin

The American chef, Julia Child, popularized this French dish. She is known for introducing French cuisine to Americans. This dish is consists of chicken simmered with wine, salty pork and bacon meat, mushrooms, garlic, onions, and usually added with a small drop of Brandy. The dish usually uses capon or chicken, and they use a Burgundy wine to braise them. However, other regional variations of Coq au vin in France use local wines. Despite the different variations of its recipe, coq au vin is a total chef’s kiss. 

Lobster Bisque

French dishes are known to have fantastic and savory soups. One famous French soup is the lobster bisque, a classic traditional plate in France. This seafood soup has a creamy taste that could easily be everyone’s favorite. The lobster bisque soup primarily consists of lobster meat and a rich and savory broth with a touch of Cognac. 


One of the slow-cooked dishes originated from Southern France, Cassoulet is probably a comfort meal for the French people. This dish traditionally consists of duck, sausages, mutton, and white beans. The name “cassoulet” came from “cassole,” the deep round pot where they traditionally cook this dish. This famous French dish is perfect for savoring during the colder seasons. 

Cognac shrimp

This dish is a perfect combination of French cuisine ingredients. Cognac shrimp comprises different ingredients like shrimp, shallots, cream, Cognac, butter, and wine- coming together to create a savory main dish. This dish is easy to prepare yet very enjoyable to devour. The beurre blanc added in this recipe is what makes Cognac shrimp more savory and delightful. 


The French cuisine would not be complete without the classic crêpes. A crêpe is like a thin pancake filled with different ingredients such as strawberries, bananas, whatever you like. You can find this delicious dish anywhere in France. The best thing about crêpes is that you can choose whatever toppings you want. If you want sweet or savory food after eating a tasty lunch, crêpes are undoubtedly the answer to that. 

Boeuf bourguignon

This dish certainly screams so much French. Boeuf bourguignon is similar to the French dish coq au vinThis dish is a stew consist of beef steamed in red wine, seasoned vegetables such as onions and mushrooms, and beef broth. A Boeuf bourguignon is traditionally a peasant dish, but it became a staple food in most French restaurants around the globe. The beef in this dish provides a solid and intense flavor, perfect for savoring with a glass of wine and good music.