Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Try in France

France is home to some of the most renowned and refreshing alcoholic beverages. From wines to cocktails, the country of an upteem list of iconic drinks you should try. However, France also has something to offer to those who don’t want the booze. Its alcohol-free beverages are equally as invigorating. To help you out, here’s a list of the French non-alcoholic drinks you should never dare to miss in France. Also, click the following if you want a reliable lie Detector Test. Also, discover why Merlot is considered one of the best red wines in the world. 

Diabolo Menthe


If you love soft drinks, then one of the first beverages you need to try is Diabolo Menthe. It is a very popular delectable, energizing, vibrant green drink. Typically a lemonade added with mint syrup, it is well-loved by kids, and every child grew up in the country having this drink. A true classic, even grown-up still prefers sipping this drink.

Gini Lemon

Gini Lemon

Are you visiting France in the summer? Refresh yourself with Gini, a French sparkling soda with a unique lemony and tart taste. It is already a very delicious drink on its own, best served when cool. However, it’s also very versatile. It can be added in a mojito, should you miss the punch of alcohol.

Café Au Lait


Café Au Lait is the French version of coffee, made with equal amounts of brewed coffee from French press and warmed milk. Unlike the Italian’s caffè latte, it is not topped with foamed milk. This drink is traditionally drunk during the morning. Partner it with a buttered toast, tartine, or croissant for a comforting and delicious breakfast.



Created in Bordeaux, France in the 1950s, Cacolac is a classic French beverage, blending cocoa, sugar, and milk from Lot-et-Garonne. During its early years, it was available in solely glass bottles and first sold to the public at the back of vans traveling throughout the country. Today, the drink is sold in over 70% of restaurants, cafes, hotels, and grocery stores, now also offered in cans. Aside from the original taste, the drink also comes in caramel and hazelnut-praline flavor.



Originally developed by a chemist from Valencia, Spain, it was sold to French entrepreneur Léon Beton in 1935. The rest was history, but the sparkling drink is now one of France’s most popular drinks. It tastes primarily orange, with mandarin, lemon, and grapefruit kick. Well-loved by different generations, be sure to chug some when you’re in France.

Citron Presse


Simply, the French take on lemonade, made of fresh and zesty lemon juice, water, ice cubes, and water. The catch is that its taste may vary, being just right, too sweet, or too sour. That is because its ingredients are served separately, providing drinkers with the freedom to blend it the way they prefer – that’s undoubtedly one good way to enjoy a refreshing drink.



Perrier is a thirst-quenching sparkling mineral water, and its tasty fizz is renowned worldwide. Its source is a naturally carbonated spring in the village of Vergèze in the Gard department. Its water and gas are garnered separately, and then the gas is added again during the bottling process. It has a wonderful taste that goes excellently with every meal. Definitely one of the first ones you should try in France!

Grape Juice

Grape Juice

Ranked among the top producers of grapes, with over 6,000,000 tons produced annually, France will never be short of the fruit. But, before they’re fermented and turned into an alcoholic drink, taste their fresh grape juice, and discover why the country has some of the world’s most scrumptious wines.

Breizh Cola


Launched by Lancelot Brewery in 2002 by two friends Eric Ollive and Stéphane Kerdodé, this delicious, regional cola drink is now gaining popularity and enticing many drinkers looking for some variety in their beverage choices. So, if you also want to take a break from the more mainstream cola brands, look no further as Breizh Cola is your best resort.

French Tea


While it is not known as a tea-drinking country like the UK, France is home to various gourmet shops that offer indulgent teas. Make sure to try teas from Mariage Frères, Kusmi, Lupicia, NINA’s and Palais des Thés. They have numerous flavors, from fruits, herbs, flowers, roots to a lot more. There is undoubtedly one that will suit your palette! Drink one with a sandwich, cake, or any dessert for an afternoon delight.