Pin up games – how to play for money?

Pin up betting company websites simultaneously operate in two domain zones (“ru” and “com”). An offshore bookmaker does not have a license, since the site contains sections “casino” and “TV games”, the activities of which are prohibited in our country. This article analyzes the functionality of slot machines and gives instructions on how to win on them.

Pin up games machines are a type of slot machines that are located in the casino section of the official website of the bookmaker. Functionally, such machines resemble classic one-armed bandits. When the slot is activated, a reel appears on the screen. The player needs to press a special button (lever) to start the mechanism. The prize comes if a number of identical drawings appear on the monitor (for example, 5 bananas or 3 monkeys). The rarer these drawings are found in the layout, the less chance of winning. The winnings are determined by a random number generator.

How to Find Pin up Slots

Pin up slots are found only on an offshore site, since the activity of casino games in the country is prohibited. The problem is that the platform is blocked on the territory of the country due to the fact that the resource does not have a license from the Federal Tax Service. It is impossible to get to the bookmaker’s website using the classic method. Let’s see how to get around the ban and visit the game room.

How to bypass territorial blocking

To get to a blocked resource, you will need special programs to bypass the prohibitions. The most popular of them is the VPN service. These are tools to replace your ip address. By ip, the Internet provider sets the user’s geo-location. The system replaces the ip, the computer is assigned coordinates on another point in the world.

Pin up Mirror

Pin up Mirror online is a special website that copies the functionality of the main platform and transfers it to another domain. The copy site has the same functionality as the main betting resource. Thanks to its own domain, the mirror receives temporary immunity, since it is not subject to territorial restrictions

Pin up Slots in 2022: an overview of current games

The pin up slots are located in the Casino section. When going to the section, the bettor observes a selection of 170 games. The design of the section is made in an aggressive neon palette. The bookmaker tried to recreate the effect of “Las Vegas” with its inherent variety of lights and colorful shades. In fact, the colors do not match each other, and novice users may get confused in the block. Let’s figure it out.

170 online games are difficult to consider in the format of a single list, so the bookmaker added additional filters to the site. Favorites. There is an asterisk icon next to each slot. Click on it to add the game to a separate list. If you wish, you can return to it. It is enough to visit the “my games” section.

Internal search. There is a search bar on the left side of the screen. It helps players navigate the site. Type the name of the desired game, and the system will automatically redirect you to the slot machine.

Providers. Each game has its own author-developer. Click on the name of the company that created the slot to open the full list of games from this author. The top providers are Bgaiming and 7mojos. But, experienced players have their own preferences.