Stunning Places to Photograph in France

France is a photographer’s paradise, given its majestic location of natural and man-made sceneries. From the splendid Eiffel Tower to beautiful castles, alluring gardens, and awe-inspiring seascapes, there’s an unlimited opportunity to take picture-perfect images and showcase your skills. So, read on first to discover the stunning places to photograph in France that will undoubtedly delight your camera lenses and boost your photographic experience.

Eiffel Tower


Any list of the most photogenic spots in France won’t be complete without including the country’s emblem – the Eiffel Tower. The monumental tower serves as a fascinating subject, especially during sunset and sunset when the golden rays of light further enhance its beauty. At night, it’s in another league of its own. Its wonderful lights emanate elegance, which is too beautiful not to capture on camera.

Mont Saint-Michel


Mont Saint-Michel is a Gothic Benedictine Abbey atop a rocky islet lying on the border between Brittany and Normandy. Built from the 11th to the 16th centuries, the monastery island since then has exuded a mystical impression, enticing many travelers and photographers. During high tide, Mont Saint-Michel is engulfed by waves, creating a marvelous reflection and sight.

Pont du Gard


A UNESCO world heritage site, Pont Du Gard is an aqueduct bridge in southern France, which acts as a living proof of the glorious engineering prowess of the Roman civilization. Built in the first century AD, the architectural marvel provides a stellar backdrop – just be sure to get there early in the morning to avoid the crowds and take the best shots.



If you’re fond of taking photos of nature, the Calanques inlet in Marseille, France, will feed your thirst for raw beauty. It features a series of coves and rocky cliffs carved by the sea. With the beaming sunlight, the turquoise blue water turns even more mesmerizing, and adding the striking rugged landscape, the view simply becomes breathtaking.

Louvre Pyramid


Erected only in 1988, the Louvre Pyramid adds even more charm to the Louvre Museum. At sunset, the light makes the glass pyramid more ravishing, further highlighting its beautiful modernity that brings a charming contrast to the historical structures that surround it.

Île de Porquerolles


A short ferry ride from the port city of Toulon, you’ll find the tranquil and unspoiled island of Porquerolles, which acts as a great respite from the glamorous and buzzing beaches of the French Riviera. It provides the opportunity to take photos of pristine white-sand shores, crystal clear waters, stunning sunrise, and sunset, plus the rustic lifestyle of the people, which can be challenging to find elsewhere.

Versailles Gardens


Created by famous landscape designer André Le Nôtre in the 17th century, Versailles Gardens is an integral part of the Royal Residence of Versailles. The perfectly symmetric garden is truly a work of art, featuring gorgeous flower beds, intricately trimmed shrubs, beautiful walks, fountains, pools, and statues. Today, it acts as a testament to the creators’ taste for restraint and formality and the stellar detailing and designing from 17th century France.

Lavendelfelder der Provence


Provence is renowned for its lavender fields, which is also easily one of the best Instagram-worthy hotspots in the country. A lot of people visit the area to take photos of the glowing purple meadows. That’s the challenge, though. Strive hard to snap pictures without capturing someone else in the background.

Château de Chenonceau


Château de Chenonceau is one of the most visited and photographed among the French castles, thanks to its rich history and unique architectural design. Its distinctiveness lies in the powerful women who influenced the site’s style and fate. Today, it’s a popular day trip for travelers from Paris and a haven for photographers who want to capture the fairytale castle’s innate beauty.

Mont Blanc in the French Alps


Renowned as the “Roof of Europe,” Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the region, standing at 4,810 meters or 15,777 feet. This famous mountain is covered with snow throughout the year, making it one of France’s best ski and hiking areas. You can enjoy all the sceneries and views offered by each trail or ride the gondola lifts for a different experience – that’s all while having the perks of fascinating photo-ops along the way.