The Best Places To Move To In London

Some people imagine London to be a metropolis of towering corporate buildings, buses and black cabs, and sidewalks buzzing with businessmen. In reality, London is packed with vibrant communities filled with distinct personalities.

There are plenty of parks, restaurants, bars, monuments, and cultural sites to visit in London if you’re moving. We’ll look at the finest areas to live in London for cheap living, students, hipsters, families, food and drink, and nature in this post.


The ideal location for low-cost housing

Bexley is the best London spot for you if you’re relocating on a budget. Bexley is a notoriously cheap area of London, so if you’re moving to the city and want to stay within budget, it’s your best bet.

Renting a one-bedroom flat would set you back an average of £825 per month. Although this may appear to be expensive, when compared to the typical cost of a one-bedroom apartment in London (£950 – £1,300), it is a wonderful deal.

Bexley is a beautiful borough located on the southeast side of London. Not only does it offer reasonable housing, but you can also explore lovely fields, charming markets, and excellent connections to central London.


Students’ favourite location

If you’re seeking student housing in London, you’ll want to think about affordability, proximity to schools, and accessibility to public transportation. This is why Islington has topped the ranking.

Islington may not have been on our list a few years ago – but this growing borough is experiencing a cultural change. You can expect to find restaurants, bars, clubs, antique stores, and small businesses of all types! This change is what’s driving more and more people to Islington – not to mention the convenience.

Islington is an excellent choice for a university since it is north of the Thames, making it ideal.


The ideal location for hipsters

If you’re looking to relocate to London for the food, vintage stores, and colourful vegan establishments, Camden is the neighbourhood to go. The Roundhouse, located in Camden since the 1960s, has kept its oddity since the decade that rock and psychedelia exploded. The Roundhouse (Camden’s most attractive music venue) was at the heart of the 60s revolution and still stands up today. In fact, you can listen to just about anything in Camden, from soul music to jazz music to heavy metal music to rock and even indie music.

Do you want to add some vintage flair to your wardrobe? Camden Market is brimming with antique goodies. With over 1,000 merchants, cafés, and bars to choose from, this colourful market has every nook and cranny filled with retro apparel and delectable street cuisine.


The ideal location for a family.

Despite a strong showing from Kingston upon Thames, we’ve decided to award the title of the best borough for families to Richmond. We’ve taken into account three factors in our decision: crime rates, education, and the amount of park space.

There’s no need to be concerned about your children in Richmond. London may appear threatening at times, but there’s nothing to worry about. The Scarsdale sector is a safe south-western haven that is currently ranked third for low criminal occurrences, providing you with much-needed peace of mind when your youngsters are on the road.

With these popular lpcations in mind, it’s time to start thinking about making the big move. Don’t forget that London is filled with services to make the move easy for you. It’s highly recommended to use a London man and van service for a cost-effective process.