Top Reasons to Learn French?

Most people probably ask what’s the point of learning French and what will this language bring them? Are you one of the people asking yourself why you should start learning French? Are you interested in learning the language, but you do not see the opportunities it will open up for you and the benefits it will give you? Then, you’re in luck because we are here to provide you with the top reasons why you should learn French. 

French is considered a world language

According to studies, about 300 million people on the five continents know how to speak French. In fact, It is considered to be the official language of 19 independent entities and 29 countries. French is the only language, along with English, to be spoken on all five continents. Aside from this, French is also considered the language of the future because, according to some studies, in the next 50 years, French will be the most spoken language in the world. 

French is one of the main languages in the international job market

If you have the ability to speak French, then consider yourself lucky because it is an advantage if you’re looking for a job in the international job market. If you know how to speak French, it will open several doors to French companies and in other French-speaking parts of the world. 

Frech is a language for travel

Most of us probably know that France is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. In fact, every year, it attracts about 87 million people from all around the globe. This is why it is an advantage if you know how to speak even a little French to find your trip to France an enjoyable and memorable experience. You can quickly go around Paris and other France’s regions if you know how to communicate with the locals. You will not only enjoy the sights, but you will also experience France’s culture and way of life. You can also use your knowledge in speaking French when you travel to French-speaking parts of the world.

French is a language of culture

French is considered the international language of visual arts, cooking, fashion, theater, architecture, and dance. Knowing French allows you to thoroughly understand the great works of literature, songs, and arts.

French is considered the language for higher education

If you’re a student, speaking and understanding French can open up a lot of opportunities to study at prestigious French business schools and universities. 

French is a language that is fun to learn

We’re not going to say that learning French is a piece of cake, but it sure is a fun language to learn. If you’re not into that boring stuff, several methods are offered in the market for you to have a fun and enjoyable French learning experience.

French is a language for learning another language

If you want to learn other languages, especially Roman languages such as Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, or Italian, then French I the best gateway language that you should know. This is because most of the words from the English vocabulary are derived from French. 

French is the language for reason and love

Learning how to speak French gives you the pleasure of learning the rich, beautiful, and melodious language we often call the language of love. Aside from that, it is also an analytical language that makes and develops critical thinking. That is why if you know how to speak French, you have a valuable skill for negotiations and discussions.