Top Things To Do in France

Each year millions of tourists from all over the globe visit France to relish its awe-inspiring landscapes, stunning historic sites, distinctive culture, and exquisite cuisine. From towering cathedrals, fascinating museums to beautiful beaches, the country has something to offer to those seeking something to charm their senses, bring them closer to nature, or simply bestow them fun. If you are an avid bicycle hobbyist or just love travel and adventure there is so much to see in France. Or If you want to experience France yourself, here are the top things to do in the country, which will make your stay more memorable and worthwhile.

Be amazed by the Louvre Museum

Be amazed by the Louvre Museum

A former royal residence now the world’s largest and most visited museum, all you are bound to when visiting the Louvre Museum is amazement. Starting from its main entrance, which features a beautiful glass pyramid to its collection of renowned artworks, like the Venus de Milo and Mona Lisa, seeing it is genuinely an artistic dream. Louvre also homes treasures from Greek, Roman, Etruscan, and Egyptian roots – there’s simply no reason to miss this impressive museum.

Climb the Eiffel Tower


Standing as a powerful symbol of the city of Paris and the entire country, it’s hard to imagine France without getting a picture of the Eiffel Tower in mind. If you’re traveling in France, your visit to this global icon will be more enchanting if you climb it in the afternoon. When the sun goes, each level provides a magnificent golden panoramic view of the city. It gets more exciting as the evening sets in, as the lighting effect of the tower and the nearby building and monuments is a sight to behold.

Visit Cathedrale de Chartres


Partly built beginning in 1145 and undergone long years of reconstruction, the Chartres Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage site and considered as the apex of French Gothic art. Its beauty can be seen on its towering spires, elegant porches intricately accentuated by sculptures, and astonishing stained-glass windows hailing from the 12th and centuries. Aside from being a true masterpiece, the cathedral is also a major pilgrimage destination, with many people coming to visit it to pay tribute to Sancta Camisa and the Virgin Mary.

Witness the ethereal beauty of Mont-Saint-Michel 

Witness the ethereal beauty of Mont-Saint-Michel

Mont-Saint-Michel is one of the most unforgettable sights in France. It is a mystical, rocky island set in an enthralling bay and topped by a riveting medieval monastery. You’ll be captured by its beauty from a distance, but exploring the perpetual city and the Benedictine abbey itself is as magical.

Go surfing in Biarritz

Go surfing in Biarritz

While France may not ring a bell when listing down top surfing destinations, it is surprisingly home to one of the world’s most magnificent surfing spots. The picturesque beach of Biarritz offers some of the best waves that attract both beginners and experienced surfers. Adding the backdrop of beautiful 19th-century buildings as you ride the waves, the experience is simply delightful.

Enjoy like a child at Disneyland Paris


All Disneyland resorts serve as a haven for kids, but it doesn’t mean adults can’t enjoy them and revisit their childhood dreams. So, be sure to spend time visiting this renowned amusement park, meet Mickey and Minnie, visit Sleeping Beauty’s castle, or check our Captain Hook’s ship, and relish the magic like you’re in your younger years.

Satisfy your appetite in Lyon


Aside from being brimmed with architectural and historical landmarks, the city of Lyon is also considered France’s gastronomic capital. It is the most ideal place to discover the country’s exquisite cuisine as eating delectable dishes in this city is a way of life! It boasts an endless list of bistros and restaurants, where you can taste various French dishes, which will satisfy your appetite on a whole different level.

Go back in history in Normandy D-Day Landing Beaches


If you’re a history buff, then go straight to the Normandy D-day Landing Beaches, the site of the largest seaborne invasion in history. On June 6, 1944, the Allied Forces invaded the beaches of Normandy, which became a pivotal event in World War II, turning the tides of the conflict and eventually leading to the end of Nazi control. Today, it is one of the best day trips from Paris wherein you can enjoy not only the beautiful beaches but also war monuments and cemeteries.

Get closer to nature in Auvergne


Auvergne is a beautiful region in central France, blessed with vast forests, freshwater rivers, and streams, dormant volcanoes, natural hot springs, and impressive biodiversity. A true paradise for nature lovers, it offers lots of outdoor activities, from scenic walks to hiking, horseback riding, cycling, swimming, fishing, boating, and bird-watching – all abound to help any visitor relax and commune with nature.

Take a break at Champagne


France’s Champagne region is celebrated across the world for its sparkling wines. Yet, Champagne is more than just bubbly beverages. Its diverse villages, valleys, and vineyards offer tranquility and pristine beauty, providing you a break from the city jam. Make sure to knock on the doors of champagne houses as local producers will be happy to share and give you a taste of their passion.