Was French Press Coffee Really Invented in France?

Are you a fan of coffee? When you wake up in the morning, you just brew your favorite coffee and take a sip from your morning cup. As a coffee lover, this might sound like a daily routine. Instant coffee packs are the common way to drink coffee nowadays, but some people still prefer to use coffee-making machines, especially for those interested in drinking fresh-brewed coffee. Furthermore, another way of making a cup of coffee is with the use of the traditional French coffee press. 

The French coffee press is an old and unique tool used to make coffee. Several changes and improvements were made to the French coffee press, but it still proves to be one of the most popular ways to brew a cup of coffee. However, one of the most intriguing questions when it comes to the French coffee press is: was it really invented in France? From the name itself, we might already have an idea of its origins. In this article, we are going to look into the characteristics of the French coffee press, as well as where this innovative coffee-making equipment originated. 

What is the French Coffee Press?

The French coffee press is also called in many different ways, such as the press pot, coffee plunger, and so on. As mentioned earlier, it is a coffee-making device that is lightweight and convenient, which is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. This incredible piece of equipment is proven to be used not only in France but also in different parts of the globe. It is the ideal device if you are a fan of fresh coffee grounds since it is not complicated to use and does not require electricity. 

The French coffee press is a great way to produce freshly-brewed coffee, which is vital for coffee lovers. The coffee press is a device that holds the coarse coffee grounds and water directly, creating a rich and intense flavor. What’s more interesting about the French coffee press is that the user can heighten or lessen the strength of the coffee by increasing or decreasing the amount of ground coffee used. For best results, always make sure to serve the coffee right away after pressing to maintain a rich and fresh taste. 

History of the French Coffee Press

Now that we already know the French coffee press’s characteristics let us now look into its history. As expected from the French coffee press, we might come to think that it originated from France; however, this is not entirely true. We can trace back the origins of the French coffee press to the mid-19th century; two Frenchmen named Henri-Otto Mayer and Jacques-Victor Delforge patented the first French coffee press design. 

The original design of the coffee press lacked a lot of features found in the modern device we see today. Still, it sparked the interests of many coffee lovers and inventors because of its innovative characteristics. Manufacturers became amused by the French coffee press’s potential in the market, but the poor design hinders its success in production. Furthermore, other designers got the opportunity to develop better versions of the coffee press.

Fast-forward to the 20th century, the development of the French coffee press made a giant leap, thanks to Attilio Calimano and Guilio Moneta. The two Italian inventors filed a patent for an upgraded version of the coffee press in 1929. The coffee press’s tweaked version included a metal pot with a filter, resulting in a cleaner cylinder. 

However, the Italian version of the coffee press still lacked other features to gain the recognition of the public. That is why more inventors further developed the coffee press until the late 20th century, wherein the Swiss inventor, Faliero Bondanini, created a more efficient and straightforward design of the device. His design traps the coffee sediments at the bottom, which ensures no coffee grounds would be poured into the cup. The Swiss design is pretty much identical to the modern French coffee press that we know of today. 

Interestingly, the French coffee press may not be purely originated from France. Despite having its French origins, most of its development came from the Italian and Swiss inventors that contributed to its design. Whichever place it originated, one thing is for sure; the French coffee press is one of the most significant devices used to make a relaxing and delicious cup of coffee.