Where Can You Live Off The Grid In France?

Are you bored of the typical French romance and the exoticism of Paris? Are you craving something adventurous, instead? In that case, the best way to satisfy the adventurous spirit is to live off the grid for a while, and who knows, you might end up never leaving!

But the main question to ponder over is, where to live off the grid in the modern French world of abundant technology? Because that stands in stark contrast to the entire concept of off-the-grid living.   

Fret not, the following places will quench your thirst for the best places to live off the grid in France and fan the flames of your adventurous spirit. You can also click the following link to find out the best french casinos online. 

Off Grid Living In France


Living off the grid means forgoing all the privileges of public utilities in the favor of living an independent life where you produce everything of necessity on your own; yes, even energy. Many indulge in this simple way of living simply to get closer to nature, live a sustainable life, and reduce their dependence on many privileged resources. 

However, when one thinks of France, one thinks of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, French Girls, fancy French food like the croissant, and other such lavish things. Off grid living is not even a bulb lighting way at the back of your mind, let alone it being your first thought. 

Nevertheless, if you have the will to live a life with no electricity, no running water system, and pure nature, then you won’t find the place hunting for off grid living in France much tiresome. In fact, you will not have to search at all because we have a list of potential off grid living places you can check out in France. 

Best Places To Live Off The Grid In France

It is true that many people are not made for the mainstream way of living. They demand something exotic, they want life to be an adventure every day. These places offer the perfect alternative lifestyle to people who want an escape from the fast-paced city life of abundant resources. 

Not to mention, some of these places are so peaceful and beautiful they will trigger the off grid living enthusiast in you that you didn’t even know existed!

Hameau des Buis

Hameau des Buis is a beautiful eco-friendly hamlet situated in the Ardeche region of France. Part of the Oasis de Colibris network, Hameau des Buis was constructed by a total workforce of 20 volunteers who came from all around the world to undertake this task. 

This eco-hamlet contains twenty magnificent and huge bioclimatic houses along with several huts as well as yurts. The tiny community living in this region relies on their production of all necessary resources from natural elements and is completely independent of the land. 

Interestingly, Hameau des Buis also has its school where the total strength of students is around 80. The purpose here is to ingrain the value and importance of a sustainable lifestyle in children from a young age. This breathtaking off grid destination will definitely incline you towards off grid living in France. 



Mid-Pyrenees is a beautiful lush green land with mountainous topography and sparkling bodies of water. By perfectly encapsulating nature, this region of France offers a peaceful and harmonious destination for off grid living. 

With the French Government’s active acceptance and promotion of sustainable and eco-friendly living, the people of Mid-Pyrenees are diligently encouraged to adopt a sustainable way of living. In fact, the French government offers the residents of Mid-Pyrenees additional money for choosing the alternative lifestyle by investing in solar panels and wood burners, and other eco-friendly resources. Moreover, there are also funding programs to help people build eco-friendly homes in the Mid-Pyrenees. 

Mid-Pyrenees is the ideal off grid destination for those who wish to detach from mainstream life and establish themselves in the alternative lifestyle. 

Off Grid Living in Tree Houses

Off Grid Living in Tree Houses

We all wanted to live in our own treehouse as a kid where we could carry out our secret plans and hang out with friends. Guess this is a dream come true then!

Les Cabanes de Fontaine-Chatel is the name given to the ten treehouses constructed in hundred-year-old trees in a thick forest located near Rouen, Normandy (France). 

These treehouses are very well spaced to ensure privacy and secludedness and their height from the ground varies between four to twelve meters. This means that while some houses are easier to reach, for the others you will need a harness and a zipline to get to your home! How thrilling is that, however, that is not it. 

To make the simple life of off grid living more exhilarating and luxurious in a natural way, the houses include a hamper hung at the base of the treehouses. If you wish to have a high-rise breakfast with a beautiful view on the terrace you can hoist that hamper up and have the time of your life. 

Finally, this destination for off grid living offers a great chance to connect with nature (quite literally) and is also the perfect spot for observing the wildlife with the forest being home to buzzards, deers, pheasants, and many more animals. 

Pyrenean Bubble: Off Grid Living In A Bubble

If you wish for a temporary but posh and luxurious off grid living destination, the Pyrenean Bubbles are the perfect location for you.

The Pyrenean bubbles are two bubbles mounted 650 meters above sea level in Haute-Pyrenees. The smaller of the two bubbles contains an eco-friendly shower, a terrace, and a combined sleeping and living area. The larger bubble, on the other hand, contains separate sleeping quarters as well as a deck with a hot tub.  

The domes of the bubbles are both solar-powered and transparent. This means you will have access to power as well a to the spectacular and awe-inspiring views of sunsets, sunrises, the starry night, and the magnificent mountains.  

Your package to stay in this off grid destination will involve breakfast and you can order tasting boards for dinner for a separate price. 

Although this off grid living destination appears to be quite costly which renders the entire concept of off grid living moot. However, we believe the price is worth the experience. 

Off Grid Living in Bearn

Off Grid Living in Bearn

This small traditional province is located in the Pyrenees mountains in South-west, France. This beautiful mountainous region also consists of a river body which adds to its scenic beauty. An advantage of choosing this off grid living destination is that Bearn is very close to several towns and villages in the north. This means people will have ready access to fresh food, services, and other resources if needed. 

This region has an extremely thrilling topography of valleys, gorges, and mountains which will especially attract hikers towards this destination. As a secluded spot in the mountains and surrounded by wonders of nature, Bearn is one of the best places to live off the grid.

Final Words

From a mountainous view to a treehouse in a forest, these naturistic destinations are some of the best places to live off the grid in France. The biggest perk of these places is that they accommodate not just the die-hard enthusiast who wants to live off the grid for months or completely adapt to the alternative lifestyle. 

They also offer a small temporary glimpse into this sustainable way of living to those who desire to have the experience but ultimately wish to live the mainstream life. So, the next time you wonder where to live off the grid or wish to explore off grid living in France, you know the places that will give you the time of your life.