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Dress Like A Parisian: Navy Cashmere Sweater


Great artists steal and great dressers steal from Ines de la Fressange, the deity of French street style.

“Who knew that black and navy were made for each other? No one – until Yves Saint Laurent gave us permission to boldly go where no one had gone before… Know how to take liberties with fashion’s sacred dictates. Some rules are meant to be broken.” -Ines de la Fressange, Parisian Chic

The Classic Navy Sweater

Ines swears by a v-neck navy cashmere sweater as a closet staple. Pair it with…

– black pants (I like black skinny jeans, too)
– white jeans
– a leather jacket


This season, I’m loving it a little oversized and paired with tight leather (or faux-leather) pants. Looser tops love a tighter pant, so it really makes the most of the season’s leather-pant trend.


Where To Buy Your Navy Cashmere Sweater

– Éric Bompard (
– J.Crew (
– Everlane (
– Thrift Stores (Cashmere lasts much longer than other fabrics)


Navy Sweater Faux Pas

Don’t ever wear navy with yellow unless you work at Ikea.
Don’t put your cashmere in the dryer unless you want your daughter (or dachshund) to wear it next (most cashmere is dry-clean only, but I’ve found hand washing to be okay).

So play around! Integrate the navy sweater into your offbeat chic pairings or your luxury basics for a truly French way to warm up this fall.

What do you like to pair with your navy sweater? Want some more style inspiration? Check out my pinterest style board!


  1. Emily Grossman

    Will do! I would argue a navy blue sweater is pretty unisex in chic-ness, but I’ll do a male-focused piece soon!

  2. Giovanna Gerace

    This is a great post. I was wondering if you could give me your advice on what size I should get for a navy cashmere sweater from Everlane (once they have them back in stock). I am a size 2 for pants and I wear a size XS-S for my tops but I want that lose fit without looking too baggy. Thank you for your help!

  3. Emily Grossman

    Hi Giovanna! I would get an XS – the cashmere at Everlane tends to run on the looser side. However, if you like a boyfriend fit, a Small would also probably fit well. I hope that helps!

    On the plus side, if the fit is off, Everlane is great with returns! Keep me posted – I hope you love your sweater!

  4. Hi Emily, I am thinking about buying a leather skirt. I am thinking about either dark brown. Wich one would be more versitale do you think? Would you also wear a black leather skirt during the day. For each colours, what type of shoes would you wear on day time and evening?
    Many thanks!

  5. One of the parisian basics! But come on, with a bit of yellow like a satchel, you won’t look like an Ikea employee. Ikea is bright blue :)

  6. Hi Emily,
    I though you might be interested in that news :, the french brand of cashmere sweaters for women is now available in the US.
    Personally, I am parisian and totally addict to that brand, specially the Vendredi sweater that I already I bought in 2 colors !!

  7. Oh I have been wondering who was going to make something like this! Hubby loves his cheese cake (me I prefer chocolate, or carrot), and I should surprise him with this for the upcoming hohi.ys..atids rocks!


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