Indulge at Indulge French Bistro


The atmosphere is dark, with a bar in the center and warm burgundy reds all around. “I feel like we’re on the east coast,” says my date as we sit at a round table for two on the far wall. The decor is definitely something you’d imagine from an old-world tavern, with … Read more

Mark Your Calendars: 3 Things I’m Excited About

Sometimes you can’t wait until after something has happened to write about it. There are some events SO exciting that they need their own pre-post – a rumbling before the incoming earthquake of earth-shattering awesome. Here are 3 things on the horizon that have me prancing about like a school girl: 1. … Read more

Find a Good French Wine at any Liquor Store in Under 5 Minutes


You’re in the liquor store looking for a good bottle of French wine, but you’re in far too much a rush to recall all those regional appellations or decipher all those complicated French words on the label. So how do you know if a bottle will be good? Start flipping the bottles … Read more

How to Make Salad Dressing Like the French

  Making your own salad dressing is not only a cheap alternative to store-bought vinaigrettes, but it’s also very French! The following recipe is a classic French trick taught to me by one of my favorite Parisian friends. It’s tasty, eco-friendly, and simple. Here’s what you need: A jar of mustard (I … Read more